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JaguarPC: Web Hosting Affiliate Program Reviewed


The web hosting market has always been one of the more profitable ones for affiliates. Due to the ever-growing nature of the internet, new sites and online businesses are being launched constantly, with more and more businesses searching for quality hosting plans every day.

Here’s our review of JaguarPC and their affiliate program. Find out whether or not it’s worth your while as an affiliate marketer.

Commissions Paid

JaguarPC has a really clear commission model working on a “per referral” basis. The exact amount you can make depends on the number of customers you refer. Here’s how it plays out (per one referral):

  • 1-5 referrals $65,

  • 6-10 referrals $80,

  • 11+ referrals $110.

Category and Products

JaguarPC provides different kinds of web hosting. Among the available plans one can find: standard shared hosting, VPS hosting, hybrid servers (a combination of a dedicated server with VPS technology), and dedicated servers.

This makes the company suitable for both professionals and beginners who think about launching their first websites.

Customer Support

Customer support is where JaguarPC stands really strong. Here’s a list of some of the things they have to offer:

  • Knowledge base. A collection of all the commonly asked questions and solutions to the common problems and challenges.

  • Quick start guide. Info on how to set up a hosting account.

  • Video tutorials. For those customers who prefer a more visual approach.

  • Extra resources. An additional list of online resources customers might find useful.

  • Community forums. This is where customers can talk directly to both JaguarPC’s staff and other users.

  • 24/7 support. A custom support system.

The Good

What’s great about JaguarPC is their range of services. Nowadays, there’s a lot of mid-size online businesses that need a little more than standard shared hosting.

Due to this range of services, JaguarPC’s clients can work with the company through the whole lifecycle of their businesses.

Also, JaguarPC offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Bad

JaguarPC says that they are one of the most respected hosting companies in the industry. Unfortunately, their position is not all that strong. They are a great hosting company, but they are not that recognizable among the average prospective customer.

Every affiliate has to find a way to overcome this downside and present their campaign to seem attractive, even if the company itself is not that well-known.

The Bottom Line

There’s no apparent reason why you would want to promote this affiliate program instead of the next one. The only point we can see is to simply check how profitable it can be for you. Inevitably, some affiliate programs for hosting are going to be more profitable than others, but you’ll never find the best one if you don’t test.

If you have some experience with web hosting affiliate programs then you can consider joining JaguarPC and checking how it compares against other similar programs.

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