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How to Generate Leads through LinkedIn Groups


When was the last time you checked LinkedIn? If you’re a professional it’s fairly often but there are many of us that set one up some time ago, occasional dip in to see what’s happening, and then put it on the backburner to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the like.

What’s sort of interesting is that we know LinkedIn is made for professionals (you know, the ones that have money to invest and the networking strength that can really grow businesses) yet we spend most of our time on those other channels.

Why is that?

Maybe we’re not using it enough or maybe it feels too professional at times compared to what we want to do with our affiliate marketing campaigns but the platform really should be part of the entire picture since it can be incredible at generating leads.

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to set your focus on groups:

  • Many groups have thousands of members (which means big reach)

  • Conversations in these groups can share feedback that will improve campaigns

  • People flat-out ask for recommendations for products and services

  • You are interacting with people already interested (and educated) in your niche

What you want to look for is:

  • The number of people in the group

  • The number of discussions going on

Combine those two and you can see that the group is healthy and one you should have in your sights.

Let me give you the tl;dr version of Jeff Haden’s tips on finding LinkedIn groups:

1. Set goals for which groups you’ll go after (and the goal of joining that group)

2. Go to the directory page and start searching for relevant groups using keywords

3. Refine the searches

4. Check out connections and what groups they’re in with

5. Go deeper down into the sub-groups

6. Start joining a variety of groups that touch upon your niche but also those that interest you

7. Lurk and take in the discussions so you can find ways to deliver something exceptional

8. Post some things but don’t overdo it – take some time in between

9. Do make it part of a regular routine, though, so you’re always out there in the spotlight

10. Don’t join too many groups to where you feel overwhelmed keeping up with it all

11. Consider starting a small group of your own

Okay, now that those basics are out of the way let’s talk about generating leads through LinkedIn groups…

  • Create content around a major discussion and link that back to the conversation (example: if there is a debate about link building practices you could create something around the topic, link it as an opinion piece, keep the conversation going, and draw attention to your expertise).

  • Ask the important, difficult questions as this will bring the experts out of the woodwork; once they’re out there answering your questions you can take that time to get to know them which may lead to great relationships (that will aid in growth).

  • Offer something big to your group whether it’s a free webinar, trial copies of your program, a select giveaway of some services, or a really great downloadable; the goal is to blow them away so they want to connect and see what more you have to offer.

  • Sift through the individuals in the group and start writing recommendations for them; it’ll pop up in their feed and it’s likely they’ll reciprocate the effort. Once you two have created this rapport you could gently introduce them to your products or services if they fit their industry and niche.

  • Use the search filters to find the people in position that have the buying decision (or some kind of influence that could get your foot in the door. An example would be filtering the group and finding just the programmers for a company to which you could pitch them on a software or online service that would go well with their job.

I think the only thing that holds you back from using LinkedIn for lead generation is that you know you’re interacting with professionals on a professional network – you naturally want to be on your best behavior, don’t want to come across as a spammer, and avoid confrontation.

Get that idea out of here.

LinkedIn is still a social platform; it may feel stiff at first glance but it’s still people (who happen to be professionals) sharing what they like, their opinions, and doing some promotion just like you’d find on any other social network.

Stop putting off LinkedIn… it could be the lead generation source you’ve been needing to bump your affiliate growth this year.


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