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The Six Point Checklist for Video Marketing Domination

The six points of video marketing that truly matter in an easily digestible checklist for when you're strapped on time.

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Reasons for a Content Calendar (and Where to Get Them)

Why you would want to use a content calendar for your blogging and the tools & resources to make it happen.

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5 Outlines for Sourcing Freelance Content Creators (and 3 Sites to Get Started)

A basic outline of what you should consider when sourcing freelance content creators on the numerous websites & marketplaces.

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How to Create Profitable Affiliate Reviews in Mere Minutes

A quick-start guide on creating short video reviews to increase affiliate income (that you can do in mere minutes).

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Should My Blog Accept Sponsored Content?

The pros and cons of accepting sponsored content on your affiliate marketing websites (and social).

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60 Seconds to Better Content Marketing

Spend the next sixty seconds and gain an overview to improve your content marketing.

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These are the Most Used 3-Word Phrases on Buzzfeed

The phrases that are most frequently used by Buzzfeed which generate the most Facebook engagement.

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Three Communities to Help with Ideas (When You’re in a Mental Rut)

The communities that will inspire your creativity and spark new ideas for your projects.

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Content Quick Tip: Preventing Readers from Skimming

A few major elements that need to be in your online content to stop people from jumping around and missing your call-to-action.

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Year End Discussions: A Great Content Format to Boost Commissions

A very easy way to create content that naturally drives interaction and the opportunity to share your affiliate links.

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