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Quality Content is Not Always King

Information on how to make the most of your site’s content. The reasons why good content is not always enough to succeed.

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WordPress Plugins to Use For Content Interlinking

Content interlinking is important for site traffic, ranking and the retention of your readers. Here are the top 6 WordPress plugins for content interlinking.

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Three Important Tips for Content Marketing Success

Three Important Tips for Content Marketing Success - AffiliatePrograms.comNext to choosing the right affiliate programs, getting your content marketing right is the most important thing you can do to become a successful affiliate marketer. Check out our three essential tips for content marketing success.

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Why You Should Consider Infographics for Your Affiliate Site

Why You Should Consider Infographics for Your Affiliate SiteUsing infographics to attract readers to your site is a fun, interactive way to complement your marketing strategy and the content on your website. We've assembled some of the benefits of using infographics on your affiliate site.

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Article Marketing: Yes or No?

Article Marketing Yes or No?Article marketing has been a longstanding topic of healthy debate for affiliate marketers. Like most debates, both sides have a good point. We give you the answer you're dying for in today's post.


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How to write great content for your affiliate site - Site-Building Challenge, Day 11: Writing great contentIt’s time to take your great site and add some content to it. This article focuses on how you’ll need to think when you’re writing. Follow these tips and you’ll produce great articles that keep your site visitors coming back for more.

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Great structure, great articles: Five elements of reader-friendly copy

Great Structure, Great Articles: Five elements of reader-friendly copy - Affiliate Programs - Jeff GreerIf you don’t write the content on your site for readers first, when you get people to click on your page from the search engines, it’s likely they won’t stay on your site long. And if they don’t stay on your site, you’re not going to get them to buy your affiliate products.

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Four tips for writing great website content

It's likely that you've come to the affiliate marketing business because you're an expert in your niche. If so, that's great.

As an expert in your niche, whether it's dog training, marathon running or advice for job seekers, you're well-positioned to write great content for the people who visit your site.

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Blogging Basics

Blogs have become a fundamental part of the Internet, connecting millions of readers to news, information, and entertainment. The weblog monitoring site Technorati estimates that there are an estimated 50 million blogs presently in existence, with thousands more created every day. The online blogging community known as the blogosphere has helped revolutionize the Internet by making Web publishing fast and simple. If you have ever wanted to start your own blog, or have always wondered what all this blogging business was all about, the following blogging fundamentals can help you better understand this useful online communication tool. What is a Blog? A blog, ...

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Compelling Clicks with Exciting Content Titles

The prevailing message in website publishing is fairly simple: content is king. Great content is what leads to high search rankings, website traffic, and online sales. But what makes website content great, exactly? Accuracy, readability, usability, and originality are important qualities of any form of online information. But what inspires Web users to read your website content? You might have the best site on the Web, jam-packed with high-quality information, but it won’t do much good if no one feels motivated to actually read your content. Getting readers to click a link and visit your website requires a bit of creativity. ...

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