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You, Affiliate Marketing, and Video: Setting Up

Covering the main elements (and items of note) of setting up for video production.

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You, Affiliate Marketing, and Video: Script Writing Basics

Getting into the all-important script writing basics which will dictate the rest of your video production.

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You, Affiliate Marketing, and Video: Getting Started

A look into the basics of creating video for your affiliate marketing projects.

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Multi-Author Content: Yea or Nay?

Will bringing on additional help with the content be the best investment for your affiliate marketing projects?

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Q & A: How often should I create content?

Answering the question behind how often one should product content for their affiliate marketing projects (or any other type of website).

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Affiliate Quick Tip: Faster Web Content via Transcription Services

Trouble getting your ideas onto the screen? Don't fret. Transcription services are here to save the day!

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Three Formulas to Generate Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas

A handful of templates to help generate blog post ideas when you're running low on inspiration.

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How to Write a Lead Magnet by the End of the Day

A five step overview on how to create engaging lead magnets for your list building effort (that can be created in less than a day).

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Three Reasons why Nobody Cares about your Content

The basic reasons why you probably don't receive traffic and engagement with your content (and some ways to fix it).

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How Design Blogs are Using Freebies for Traffic, Branding, and Profit

What works for many design blogs (such as freebies) and how they leverage content into profitable opportunities.

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