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Getting Good with YouTube: Growth Strategies [Part 5]

A handful of suggestions on what you can do to grow your YouTube video creation and leverage it to grow your business.

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Getting Good with YouTube: Monetization [Part 4]

The various ways you can monetize your YouTube activities and some of the big picture items to keep in mind when producing videos.

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Getting Good with YouTube: Gaining Subscribers [Part 3]

The all-important process of gaining video views and subscribers on YouTube. Here are some strategies to try.

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Getting Good with YouTube: Producing Videos [Part 2]

The process of creating a script, recording, and producing a video for YouTube - these are the absolute basics.

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Getting Good with YouTube: The Basics [Part 1]

An introductory guide to using YouTube for business. In part one you will learn the basics of YT and the value of video marketing.

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Content Production Frequency: The Pros and Cons of Timing

An examination of different content publication cycles. What amount of frequency is best for your website? Read and find out.

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Three Types of Posts to Get Recognized in Search Engines

Blog post types that are bound to get found in search engines, stir up controversy, and engage readers on a whole new level.

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How to Consistently Write 500 Words a Day

How to create a routine and habit of writing 500 words a day for fun and fuel for your blog & business.

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How to In-Source Content via Frequent Customers

Tapping into your customer list to develop fresh and engaging content for your business blog with a unique angle and twist.

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Why You Need to Create a Product Now – A Cautionary Tale

The need to get started, now, in creating an information product for your affiliate marketing business (and the troubles you'll face if you fail to take action).

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