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How to Record Skype Conversations (and Turn Them into Great Website Content)

A guide to recording Skype calls, editing the video/audio, and producing content to improve your business.

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How to Use UberSuggest to Generate Endless Amounts of Blog Post Ideas

UberSuggest is a remarkable tool to discover an endless amount of blog post ideas based on Google Instant Search results.

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What Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Cracked can Teach You about Socially Explosive Content

A look at how websites like Buzzfeed, Cracked, and Upworthy spin their magic on content creation and headlines to dominate social media.

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Fizzles and Duds: Reinvigorating Content that didn’t Receive Attention

A look at how three different ways to get what you deserve out of the hard work you put into content that was ignored or overshadowed.

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Bumper Sticker Blogging: The Same Message in a Smaller Package

Does the length of your content matter anymore when we've seemed to have all switched to a "bumper sticker style" choice in dialogue?

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How to Write Reviews for Products you don’t own

A handy guide explaining three different ways to create product reviews even when you don't actually own the item.

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How to Find Contributors for your Website Content

Marketplaces, networks, and in-sourcing content creation through freelance writers, guest bloggers, and community members.

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How to Use Unboxing in Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Using unboxing videos as a way to gain easy wins with affiliate marketing.

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How to Mine Comments and Feedback for Content Gold

A straight forward guide to using comments and feedback to develop blog post ideas and cater to the community.

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How to Start Podcasting on less than $100

Learn what's needed to get started in podcasting including equipment, the recording and publishing process, and making money.

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