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Where to Find Royalty Free Music for Your Videos

A selection of websites which offer royalty-free music (both free and paid) which you may use in your business projects.

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Three Promotional Elements to Include in Your EBook that’ll Spark Additional Sales

Three different ways to encourage engagement, social shares, and conversions by tweaking and adding a few elements to your ebook.

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How to Integrate SlideShare into Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Learn how to use SlideShare for your affiliate marketing efforts through a variety of strategies and tactics.

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Free Tools to Shoot & Edit Video Content

A collection of free tools to help you get started with creating online video for your affiliate marketing business.

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Free Tools to Record and Edit Audio Content

A selection of free audio editing tools to help with the production of podcasts and other audio content.

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Free Tools to Improve and Streamline Your Written Content

A handful of free tools, templates, and services to improve your writing and get more from your content marketing efforts.

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Marketing What If: $500 to Develop Content

What if you only had $500 to create content for your website? How far could you stretch that money to get the content you want and need?

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5 Dead Simple Tricks that Get Headlines the Click

If you're having trouble getting people to click on your headlines than give one of these five tricks a run for their money.

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Guest Blogging vs. Blog Posting: The Showdown

Which is the better option: writing for other websites to draw in their audience or writing for your own to capture search ranking?

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Unique Content: Finding the Perfect Blend of Real-World and Theory-Based Topics

An inside look at what it takes to create "real-world" and "theory-based" content that will bring value (and excitement) to your readers.

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