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Why Facebook Want and Own Buttons are Increasing Sales for Many

Learn how the new Facebook want and own buttons are changing the ecommerce industry. Tips on using these buttons.

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How to Buy Quality Social Signals

Learn how to purchase authority and web traffic through social signals and the continual transformation of the social web with these helpful suggestions.

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5 Steps to Twitter Advertising

Ever since Twitter was first launched marketers all over the world have been trying to make it work as an advertising and marketing platform. Find out how to get it done properly.

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Guide To Marketing On LinkedIn

With over 120 million members, LinkedIn is fast becoming an incredibly effective marketing and SEO tool. Read this comprehensive guide on how to get started with marketing on LinkedIn.

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Tips for Effective YouTube Conversion Tracking

YouTube conversion tracking tips for affiliate marketers. Learn how to track conversions and use the information to increase sales and profits.

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Make Money on Facebook Ads with ClickBank Products

Are you leaving money on the table by not pushing digital products? Take a look at this article on how you can target interested customers, with exactly what they want.

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How To Measure Social Media Marketing ROI

Information on measuring the return on investment of social media. Do you know how to measure your ROI? Track, track, track everything.

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Three Reasons Why Facebook Ads is Better than Google Adwords

Which is better… Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? In this post we give three great reasons why Facebook Ads is the new ad platform of choice.

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Facebook Ads: Targeting by Country and Click Cost

Facebook is a worldwide craze, and if you are only advertising to English based countries, you are missing out on huge profits. Take a look inside and discover the top countries on Facebook and their average costs per click.

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Three Tips for a Better Facebook Ads Campaign

The different between creating a successful Facebook Ads campaign, and one that fails, is the ability to target and relate with your potential customer. Follow these steps and find out how.

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