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The Top Five Non-U.S. Social Networks

Top Five Non-US Social Networks - affiliateprograms.comSocial networks are quickly becoming the advertising and backlink source of choice for affiliate marketers. And there's a terrific amount of opportunity to capture the interest of international visitors from top Social Media networks.

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25 social media sites you need to check out today

25 Social Media sites you need to check out today - affiliate programsAnd if you understand the power of Social Media to build a fanbase, get people excited about your brand, and drive traffic to your website, why stop with a few measly accounts at the big players?

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Three reasons affiliate marketers should check out Google Plus

Google Plus - AffiliatePrograms.comWhile there's no way to know for sure whether Google will hit the mark with Plus, there are three good reasons you, as an affiliate marketer, should check out Google Plus.

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Social Media for affiliate marketers

Affiliates should look at social media as a way to build a following and extend their relationship with their audience. While traditional marketing is about making a big splash and getting noticed, social media is much more subtle. And it requires more engagement.

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Stop letting social media waste your time

When you're running an affiliate marketing business, you have to remember that it's not the messenger or the channel, it's the message. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, focus on creating great content and post that content all over the web so you can appeal to potential fans, friends, advocates and customers.

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