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Five Unique Marketing Strategies for Facebook Promoted Posts

HEY! Facebook may have made a few changes to fan pages but the introduction of promoted posts can come with some very unique strategies for your affiliate marketing business.

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Quick Improvements #3: Complimentary Giveaways

How to use complimentary giveaways as a form of marketing during new product launches, brand building, and service support.

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The Zen of Value Exchange (i.e. Networking Basics)

The Zenful balance of connecting with others, delivering value, and growing together (in business). These are the basics behind networking and what they could bring to your efforts.

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Overlooked Platforms to Share your Best Ideas and Advice

We take a look at some of the best platforms for spreading your message (that you may not have known about).

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Conversions through Competition: The Low-Budget Guide to Online Contests

How to get started with running online contests (on a budget) to increase brand exposure and potential conversions.

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The Automated Affiliates Guide to Buffer

Buffer is a social media automation tool that's simple in design and gets the job done - here's how to get started with the service.

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How To Setup a Facebook Vanity URL

A super simple guide on setting up a Facebook fan page vanity url for additional branding and exposure while you're active on the network.

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Five Offbeat Web Platforms to Extend Your Marketing Reach

The Web has quite a few offbeat websites for online promotion - we're coming at you with our pick of ones you may not have known about.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Pinterest

Learn your way around the visual social site: Pinterest, and how you can turn the network into a cool, fun way to build traffic and conversions.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Traffic Generation: Google+

Get started with Google+ and learn how to utilize the platform for building your brand and website traffic.

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