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LinkShare Affiliate Network: 5 Great Programs to Promote


Today we continue our series of posts that highlight affiliate programs available through various affiliate networks and we’re going to focus on LinkShare. Founded in 1996, LinkShare is an established and trusted name in affiliate marketing, with offers from name brands such as Apple, and

If your site is geared toward a niche that’s looking for replacement to brick-and-mortar retail, LinkShare has some great options, such as Petsmart, Macy’s and AT&T. In addition, they have a variety of trusted financial services companies such as American Express, Ally Financial and Scotttrade.

In addition, LinkShare seems to have found an exceptionally fair balance between the affiliate marketer’s desire for long cookie length – which determines how long after a click you receive a commission – and great brands, who often feel as if affiliates don’t deserve much credit for any sales that don’t happen the day of a click. (For instance, the American Express travel program at LinkShare offers a 30-day cookie.)

If all of this sounds like a good deal to you, here are five examples of programs you’ll find at LinkShare.

iTunes – Is there any company in the world that’s hotter than Apple? In addition to their mobile phones, tablets and computers, Apple is selling millions of songs, movies, TV shows, books and apps through iTunes. If you sign up with iTunes, you’ll have access to some creative ways to sell, such as RSS Feeds Generators or an iTunes iMix.

While this program is only for the U.S. iTunes Store, it does accept affiliates from other countries who cater to U.S. customers. If your target audience is outside of the U.S., you’ll need to check Apple’s website.

Commission: 5 percent
Cookie Length: 3 Days – Travel is a crowded category for affiliates, and there’s some stiff competition for travel merchants as well. was the 2010 LinkShare Golden Link Award – Publisher’s Choice. Its program offers some of the highest commissions in the travel. And even better, they pay upon booking.

Commission: $5-$35 flat fee
Cookie Length: 90 Days

TigerDirect – If you’ve got a blog about technology or electronics, you’ll want to check out the program from TigerDirect. They’re known for great customer service and a very effective upsell process, which can dramatically increase your affiliate commissions.

Commission: 4-10 percent
Cookie Length: 14 Days – Since the real estate crisis has kept people from moving into new homes, they’re fixing up the homes they have instead. is the best source in the U.S. for custom-made blinds and window treatments. They’ve got a high conversion rate and pay affiliates approximately $30 per sale. If you’re blogging about home decorating, lifestyle or even real estate, this would be a good fit for your site.

Commission: 5-7 percent
Cookie Length: 90 Days – If your site is about fashion, jewelry or another niche that appeals to women, such as coupons, you might want to check out They offer earrings, bracelets, diamond jewelry and much more … at a variety of price points. You can benefit from their wide selection and generous coupon codes.

Commission: up to 10 percent
Cookie Length: 30 Days

If you think these programs would be a fit for your site, be sure to apply for them at LinkShare today!


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2 Responses to LinkShare Affiliate Network: 5 Great Programs to Promote

  1. Gary Morris September 25, 2011 at 6:26 pm


    I ran across this and am curious as to how it works and what it’s for. I’m fairly
    new at affiliate marketing and want to learn a way to get started without any
    money up front. I don’t mind paying someone later, after I’ve made the money,
    but while I don’t have it, I cannot. If you could shoot me an email and just tell
    me the basics, I should be able to figure out the rest. After all, the few bucks
    that I HAVE managed to make, I figured out myself, but it wasn’t a walk in the
    park, I’ll tell you that!

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