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Lump Sum Profits: You’ll Flip when Flipping Websites


The money-making method of site flipping is, in no way, a revolutionary idea but it is difficult to get the basics down pat let alone the mindset required to make sound business decisions when it comes to buying web properties.

The aim of Lump Sum Profits, by Ryan Moran, is to guide newbies into the lucrative business of site flipping for profit.

In this short review, I’ll be giving you the heads up about the program and what’s on the table if you choose to promote the product as an affiliate.

Let’s take a look …

Lump Sum Profits: The Overview

The Lump Sum Profits course revolves around flipping websites you’ve made or those in which you’ve bought and fixed up. The main course is broken down into individual modules, interviews, and resources that start with building websites, increasing its value, and selling it for its maximum value.

Those attempting to reach the flipping market may have already seen a variety of products on the subject. The Lump Sums Profits takes a unique approach through the guidance of Ryan Moran; the main focus is through the website

Within the program, you’ll learn how to create niche websites that can not only perform on their own but fixing them up so they’re an attractive purchase within the Flippa marketplace. Additional tutoring, through the program, helps you avoid low-ball offers and how to quickly flip your earnings to build horizontal and vertical profits.

The Affiliate Side

The affiliate opportunity with this product has a good variety of income models built into the launch which goes like this: Initial offering -> Upsell -> Upsell (Take 2) -> Upsell (Take 3).

The commission and conversions are as follows (according to Clickbank & the affiliate page):

  • Average Sale: $63.76

  • Gravity: 16.12

As reported by the Lump Sum Profits team:

  • Initial product: 3% conversions

  • $197 Upsell: 40% ‘take rate’

  • $97 Upsell (Take 2): 25% ‘take rate’

  • $67 Upsell (Take 3): 18% ‘take rate’

Additional resources can be found within the affiliate area including high EPC swipe emails.

Lump Sum Profits: In Review

The course has been created for new-comers in the market of flipping websites but it still poses a few challenges despite the amount of training provided.

The Good

  • A good starting point for those seeking to flip websites

  • Case studies and interviews with successful website flippers

  • Attractive affiliate program to boost your profits

The Bad

  • The load of upsells can be a bit much (pushy)

  • There are plenty of other products teaching this topic

  • Niche sites are being slammed in search engines these days

The Bottom Line

Flipping websites can be a very lucrative business model if you have the capital and know-how. Aiming the product at newbies in the market is the obvious choice to spur up revenue but this is one business model that takes a lot of dedication, understanding of the web, and far more than what can be taught through a small program.

Our Verdict: 3 out of 5

The Lump Sum Profits course is a great resource on the topic of flipping websites; the affiliate program provides a good amount of potential and resources. In all, it’s a win/win for both parties involved as long as the people purchasing this course understand that it’s difficult to tackle this business model – keep the hype to the minimum.

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