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In the world of online marketing there’s a lot of noise one has to shift through if they want to find truly quality marketing advice. Even though the web is full of it, the advice is not always well-structured or shared in a way that’s simply actionable.

Here’s where comes into play and takes their place among educational websites for marketers. Instead of sharing random pieces of advice and not caring about the big picture, MarketingProfs focuses on finding top experts and experienced marketers, taking their insights and publishing them as an easy-to-digest actionable advice … advice that works.

Commissions Paid

The affiliate program offered by MarketingProfs is a really straightforward one. You get $100 for each referred sale, no matter what volume you’re able to bring in.


MarketingProfs delivers advice and structured education in the fields of marketing and online marketing.

They offer a range of products, both free and premium ones, so every marketer/customer is sure to find something that meets their requirements.

Customer Support

Support is handled by the team at As an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about customers reporting problems or having difficulties with the products. Simply send everyone over to MarketingProfs.


Apart from their main website (available for free), which publishes regular advice and tutorials on various matters related to marketing, MarketingProfs also offers three kinds of products.

1. MarketingProfs University. These are classic online courses. Each course is 10 to 17 hours long, and features an instructor (expert) sharing their advice through various multimedia formats.

Everything is 100% online-based, so you can watch and re-watch the lessons at anytime.

2. MarketingProfs PRO membership. MarketingProfs offers quite a lot of premium articles, seminars, and other resources. As a PRO member you can get them for free or get a big discount.

3. MarketingProfs Live Events. These events are held in the US, and they are focused on providing the best training from expert speakers. Such in-person interaction is always something every attendee finds extremely beneficial.

The Good

MarketingProfs has been around for more than 12 years now, and this is something that becomes really apparent when we take a look at the range of products and educational materials they have to offer.

Their main website provides good advice and drags readers into taking action and signing up to one of the paid products, and then every customer can get an even better experience through structured online courses and PRO memberships.

Quality – it’s where MarketingProfs stands the strongest.

The Bad

The affiliate program is new, so the package of promotional tools is not that big yet, and also there’s no fancy tracking system available (of course, basic click and sale tracking is in place).

The Bottom Line

MarketingProfs presents a professional way of educating marketers and helping them grow. No matter is someone just needs advice on one specific matter, or is looking for a complete marketing course, MarketingProfs has something to offer.

This is what actually makes them quite simple to promote. You don’t need to look for highly targeted, small groups of people who might be interested in the products, as they have a lot of general appeal.

Lastly, MarketingProfs is one of those companies that don’t look like scams, and have good reputation online. They don’t use any shady methods to convince people into buying, everything is straightforward and clear. If you have a way of reaching an audience of marketers, you should surely look into MarketingProfs’s products and consider promoting them.

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