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Helpful Resources to Boost Affiliate Income during the Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day is this coming Monday (May 26th). It’s a day that we take the time to reflect and honor all those sacrifices those have made for our country and freedom.

I want to tread lightly with this topic, though, because it is a sensitive one.

On one hand I believe it’s absolutely important that you use the national holiday to talk with those that have served in the military. It should also be a time when you look back at all that has happened so that we don’t make the same mistakes.

On the other hand we, as a society, use this opportunity to get together with family and friends for celebration. We don’t get to do this too often because we’re always working.

In recent decades some of the message behind Memorial Day has been lost but at the same time I believe it’s still a powerful day because it brings us together … we get to act on our freedom and what better way to do so than by spending it with loved ones?

Now of course there is a business side of all this.

What I’d like to do is to share some tasteful, helpful resources for improving your affiliate income during the Memorial Day weekend. Do not unload shady tactics. Treat this holiday with up-most respect. There are opportunities to be had … just do it tastefully.

Okay, here are those resources:

1. The Best Affiliate Items to Promote for Memorial Day

I wrote this last year and thought it would be great to bring it back. The post shares a handful of ideas for what you can promote during Memorial Day. It keeps it light and respectable such as flowers for loved ones, media about battles and campaigns to educate, memorabilia to show your support (double points if the company also donates a portion to veterans’ charities), and BBQ related items since it’s one of the big events during the weekend.

It also gives you a few ideas on how to go about promoting these items through content marketing, email, and social media campaigns.

2. Top tips for marketers to remember this Memorial Day

This post by Experian brings out the charts and data surrounding Memorial Day and marketing. Here you can view the behavior people have when leading up to the holiday in areas like search and email. You can also see what industries pull the highest amount of attention during this time which could help sculpt your affiliate marketing strategy. The rest of the post shares a few ideas for email subject lines and copy strategies to get the most from your email campaign.

3. 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Honor the Military on Memorial Day

I find this one to be particularly tasteful because it’s about showing support. The post goes through five different actions your business can take to support the military such as sponsoring a float that appears in a Memorial Day parade or using the site to honor those involved from your side of the family (or from coworkers). These ideas add the human element into marketing. They’re tasteful. Show your support and people will show support for your brand.

4. Why Memorial Day May Not Make Sense For Your Brand

This post by Jason Falls is one I highly recommend you read. I say so because marketers always like a good opportunity but sometimes they cross the line. Promotion and marketing on Memorial Day isn’t always tasteful for certain industries and individuals. In some ways it may come across as manipulative and exploitation. It’s probably best to just spend the day relaxing, catching up with family, and honoring others than trying to make a few extra bucks at the expense of irking your audience.

Memorial Day is very special to many individuals. If you DO choose to market during this holiday than tread lightly. Treat everyone involved with the upmost respect. There ARE opportunities out there during the weekend and the holiday. Just use your brain (and heart) to make the right judgment.


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