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News: Infographic Shows An Average Day on Facebook


Many of us marketers, affiliate marketers, and business owners looking for a boost in traffic and sales are in love with Facebook. And even though I’ve told affiliate marketers to stop wasting so much time on social media, I’m also a big fan.

The challenge with using Facebook is that the risk (of wasting your day watching cat videos) may outweigh the benefits of using it to build a better list, get more traffic, and encourage others to recommend your content.

According to the stats on the below infographic, Facebook is hot. The average user has 229 friends, spread from the various areas of their life. And over the past few years, the average age of a Facebook user has gotten older. In 2010, the average user was 38. In 2008, that average user was only 33. While these stats don’t mean much on their own, they do signal that an older, more affluent, more prone-to-buy-your-affiliate-products audience is using the network.

And they’re using it a lot. According to the below infographic, more than half (52 percent) of Facebook users log in daily. Compare that to Twitter’s healthy (36 percent) and the paltry numbers for My Space (7 percent) and LinkedIn (6 percent).

So what does all of this mean for your affiliate marketing business?

If you believe the words of affiliate marketing guru Mark Ling, there’s a lot of upside to Facebook. Because it’s Alexa ranking is right up there with Google and YouTube, It’s a great way to get a lot of traffic in a short time.

Also according to Ling, if you want to venture into the world of paid advertising, Facebook’s ability to target based on geography, age and preferences, makes it a no-brainer for affiliates. For a full debrief on Facebook from Ling, check out this page on his site, or his Facebook page.

Another affiliate advice website, run by Shawn Casey, suggests posting affiliate links directly in your Facebook posts. While that may be a popular strategy for short term gains, it’s going to be hard to build trust and get people to follow you with interest if they feel they’re being spammed.

In short, my advice with Facebook isn’t that different from the other advice you read here. Create great content, tell people about it, and keep creating great content. You’ll build your following and they’ll stick with you. Do it, and the affiliate commissions will come.

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