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News: The Next Round of the Affiliate Nexus Tax Battle

Amazon Connecticut affiliate nexus taxIt appears that the affiliate marketing community's collective sigh of relief over California has been interrupted by another revenue-starved state government. In Connecticut, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's office is continuing to press the online retailer to collect sales tax on its purchases, claiming that Amazon's relationship with Connecticut-based affiliates constitues a physical presence in the state.

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Why Affiliates Should Be Grateful to Steve Jobs

Why affiliates should be grateful to Steve Jobs All of Steve Jobs' wonderful inventions—the iPhone, the iPad, the Macintosh computer—as well as the companies he led—Apple, Pixar, Next—have made lasting contributions to our world. But there's something more about Jobs that hasn't been written about, and that's his contributions to the world of affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup

affiliate marketing newsToday we have a roundup of some interesting stories from around the web: Shawn Collins on "ask the experts" sites, FCC net neutrality updates, good news for Amazon affiliates from California and a link to an interesting "super affiliate" interview.

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News Roundup: Amazon vs. California, social media traffic disappoints

affiliate marketing newsThere have been a variety of interesting things happening in the affiliate marketing world and the situation in California between the State of California's affiliate nexus tax and continues to draw strong interest from large and small media sources.

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Is a resolution to the affiliate nexus tax in the works?

affiliate nexus tax - amazon affiliate programStill fretting about the Affiliate Nexus Tax issue in California? It's possible a solution is in the works. Late last week, several Democrats in the U.S. Congress introduced a bill to prevent states from creating unfair rules to tax online retailers.


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News Roundup: Amazon vs. California Nexus Tax

Amazon's push for a referendum - affiliateprograms.comToday, I want to provide a quick update on a few issues surrounding Amazon and the California Nexus Tax that readers have discussed in comments and private emails to me. There are many issues out there, and most of them revolve around what California affiliates could, and should, do to protect their businesses.

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Alternatives to Amazon's affiliate program for California affiliates

Alternatives to Amazon's Affiliate Program for California AffiliatesIf you're an affiliate marketer living in California, and you've been making good money from the Amazon Associates program, it's likely you're more than disappointed at the recent events in the state. And you're probably scrambling to find alternative affiliate programs to participate in.

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Amazon vs. the California Affiliate Nexus Tax

Amazon vs. the California Affiliate Nexus Tax - affiliateprograms.comThe latest events California are suggesting an extended, and interesting, battle for Seattle's Amazon, which seems to be preparing itself for a state-by-state battle about e-commerce and the ability of states to tax transactions that occur outside of their boundaries.

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Amazon Associates affiliate program terminated in California

Amazon Associates Program Terminated in California - affiliateprograms.comEarlier today, sent an email to all California residents who participate in its affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates. The letter notifies approximately 25,000 of Amazon's California affiliates of the impending termination of their affiliate contracts by Amazon.

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Join the Site-Building Challenge Start Your Site ChallengeAre you looking for help in launching your affiliate marketing business? We’re here to help. Today, we’re launching our month-long Site-Building Challenge. Every weekday in June, we're going to help you move a little bit closer to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

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