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Information on Payment Processors for Affiliates


The topic of payment processors is a hot one in the affiliate marketing industry. As an affiliate, you want to make sure of three things:

  • You get the money owed to you through a reliable and secure source

  • You don’t overpay in fees

  • You receive payment in a timely fashion

The payment processor that you choose to use is not always your decision. In some cases, it comes down to whether or not the affiliate program offers a particular option.


Above all else, you have to choose a payment processor that is reliable. In today’s day and age, PayPal is the first name that comes to mind. Not only are they the most well known (meaning that many companies use this method) but they have a strong reputation for being reliable.

Let’s face it: PayPal is not going anywhere. In terms of reliability, they should be at the top of your list.


There is nothing worse than getting hit with a fee on your affiliate commission payout. Unfortunately, this is part of the industry. The only way to avoid these fees is to opt for payment by check or bank wire. However, this often times leads to another set of fees to contend with.

The best thing you can do is compare the fees charged by each payment processor and move on from there. Remember, a few dollars on every transaction can add up over the course of a year. You might as well opt for the processor that is cheapest for you.

Available in your Country?

Where you live could greatly determine which payment processor you use. On top of this, it may help you decide which affiliate programs to do business with. If you can’t receive payment from a particular affiliate program due to your location, you need to move onto another option.


The group that has to worry about this is online gambling affiliates. As you probably know, most payment processors do not deal with online gambling companies. Along with this, it is illegal to process online gambling payments in the United States.

If you are involved in this industry or any other in which receiving payment could be an issue, you have to consider all your options. This includes available payment processors, check, and wire transfers.

Best of the Best

  • PayPal

  • NETeller

  • Google Checkout

  • 2CheckOut

Which payment processor do you trust? Share your thoughts below!


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