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Pepperjam Network: Transparency in Affiliate Marketing [Review]


Pepperjam Network, or rather Pepperjam Exchange, provides online performance marketing and technology or, in everyday terms: it’s an affiliate network.

As a publisher, you’re given access to thousands of viable products for promotion and tools to aid in your online marketing. For advertisers, you gain access to a growing “workforce” of commission-based affiliates dead set on selling your product or services.

The difference in the Pepperjam Exchange is what they’ve dubbed “transparency” which, like the term used elsewhere, allows advertisers to gain full disclosure to their publishing partners to build better, lasting relationships with affiliates and ensure online promotions accurately represent the brand.

In this short review, we’ll be taking a look into the Pepperjam Network and give you the proper insight on whether it’s the right “fit” for your advertising or publishing needs.

Pepperjam Network: The Overview



By far, the strengths come from the access to large brands on the network with many different offers and promotion types; the transparency between advertiser and publisher makes it truly win/win.


Overall, the largest weakness for the network is the sheer volume of competitors in the market; though it’s obvious, having the approval process vs. networks that allow you to easily jump in and start promoting can be annoying for some.

Top-Performing Categories

As you could expect, the big performers are generally the ones you’d find highly promoted on other networks such as diet, exercise, health, wealth, beauty, business, and the likes. There are 28+ categories to choose from so it all truly depends on what niche you’re in.

Ease of Use

From feedback, the network is hit or miss in terms of navigation and understanding for those just joining but those individuals that frequent the program, as you could expect, gain a hand over the interface relatively quickly.


Reporting and tracking is clear and easy-to-use through the use of dashboards, sub-ID tracking, sorting, history, and more. Once you’ve started a campaign it’s easy to understand your performance.


There’s no shortage of offers on the Pepperjam network; you’ll be pleased to find nearly any and every niche and industry represented but many offers do require you to have highly-specific websites to cater to the advertisers demand (which may push away some of you going for a broad promotion).

The best part of the network is their access to very big brands (such as BJ’s, Sports Authority, ToysRUs, and more) which is always a bonus when promoting.

Pepperjam Network: In Review

How does Pepperjam stand up against the likes of others?

The Good

  • Very high commissions on CPA offers

  • Legendary attention to detail especially in customer service

  • Transparency between parties

The Bad

  • Not as many offers compared to other networks

  • Many offers require you to have a highly specific website/presence to promote

  • Approval process, for some, can be lengthy

The Bottom Line

Pepperjam has been around since 1999 and it certainly shows they understand how to handle themselves, their publishers, and advertisers.

Our Impression: 4 out of 5

Pepperjam offers its affiliates a great set of opportunities through the longevity and strength of the network. The tie in between advertiser and publisher, creating transparency, gives the affiliate industry as great mark and certainly creates a better relationship which ultimately leads to a win-win situation for both parties involved.

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