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safe mail servicesAre you looking for a safe, yet effective email marketing solution? Do you lack a large mailing list? If you answered yes to both of these questions, Safe Mail Services is a company you should consider doing business with. When you become a member, you have the ability to deliver your message to nearly 100 million recipients per month.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that all recipients are double-opt in – making Safe Mail Services 100 percent SPAM law compliant. Obviously, this is an important detail as you don’t want to have your business associated with email spam.

Reasons to use Safe Mail Services

  • Send your ad once per day to more than 3 million targeted prospects. With numbers like these, it is safe to say that you are going to get some exposure for your business. Just how much depends on the product/service you are offering and the interest of those on the mailing list.

  • Simple to use system. As you probably know, some email marketing systems are extremely complicated. Fortunately, the Safe Mail Services system is simple to use. With one click of a button your ad is immediately sent to the full database of recipients.

  • HTML format. Along with basic text, you can add flash, sound, color, and pictures to your advertisement. Will these elements help you attract more visitors to your site?

  • No bounce back emails. There is nothing more frustrating than sending out an email blast, just to have a large number of them bounce back and flood your inbox. With Safe Mail Services, these emails don’t come to you. Along with this, every bad lead is replaced with a new lead.

  • One ad at a time. When you send an email from the system, no other ads are included along with yours. For this reason, it receives all the attention and increases your chance of a click through to your site.

Potential Issues

On the surface, it is simple to see the benefits and advantages of using the Safe Mail Services system. However, there are some potential issues that you need to be aware of. Here are several questions to ask:

  • Will the recipient be “blind” to your ad because he/she receives so many emails every day?

  • Are you tainting your company or website’s image by sending out a mass email to people who may not be interested in what you are offering?

  • Are other companies in your industry using the same system? If so, your ad may not be nearly as effective since a similar product/service has already been introduced to the list.

Safe Mail Services Price

For $39.95, you will receive a life time membership to Safe Mail Services. You are never required to pay a service or monthly fee ever again. Once you pay, you receive immediate access to the mailing system. Within minutes, you can send your first email blast. Members are allowed to send one email per day, for as long as they want – without paying another dime.

To learn more about Safe Mail Services, check out more here!

Final Word

The only way to determine if Safe Mail Services will work for your business is to experiment with the program. There is no denying the benefits of sending an email to a large opt-in list. That being said, how interested are the recipients in the product/service you are pushing? To answer this question, you need to sign up and send your first blast.

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