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Productive Activities (for when you’re not doing Affiliate Marketing)


From time to time we all get to that point when we want to take a break from affiliate marketing.

The break may be because you’re feeling a little burnt out or that you just need to change it up because you’re basically in front of the computer all day.

You’re a go-getter and you don’t want to squander your time (you know this because I know this). You want to make the most of your day but there’s always that *tick* that tells you should be working on the business.

I’ve got some alternatives.

You can be productive when not working and so here are a handful of activities I think you should entertain during those affiliate marketing downtimes:

1. Learn a new skill

There are thousands of great online learning channels on YouTube and dozens of wonderful learning platforms you can freely access to learn just about anything.

New skills almost always translates over to affiliate marketing. The new skills can directly impact your success (such as learning Web skills) or become a complimentary item toward your goals (such as picking up a hobby and using that as a launching point in a new niche).

Here are some of the sites I would recommend:

2. Update those outdated social profiles

When’s the last time you updated LinkedIn? Or Twitter. Or Facebook. Or any number of social profiles you created some time ago?

A few minutes of your time and you can update these profiles to reflect recent changes and accomplishments. I would highly recommend you at least do it to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles since these can contain the most amount of information.

You never know. A change to your profiles could send you additional leads by grabbing their attention on what you’re currently doing.

3. Practice a new language

Picking up a new language isn’t an easy feat but it is an activity that pays off in the long run.

Not only do you expand your mind by learning a new culture through language but it also presents an opportunity for your business to expand into those borders.

Learning a new language will allow you to enter new markets. Some of these markets are relatively untapped as far as affiliate marketing goes.

Additionally, you open a whole new world of support to your foreign audience. You will have successfully removed the language barrier which may have stopped individuals from choosing your business and its offers.

Here are some resources for learning languages:

4. Exercise those extra pounds away

Step away from the computer and work through the following:

  • 10 x Push ups

  • 10 x Squats

  • 10 x Sit ups

Try to make this into a normal routine between doing your work. I like to do just a little bit every time I finish an article so by the end of the day I’ve done a decent amount of exercise.

When you do have a lot of free time I suggest going for a walk, riding a bike, or running if that’s your thing. You want to get your heart pumping. Your body will thank you for it after years of sitting at the computer.

And while we’re on that topic: straighten out your back!

5. Enter a new world through literature

A good book is much like what I talked about in terms of learning a new language. Fiction and non-fiction books are great ways to expand your mind.

  • Take, for example, reading a science fiction novel. The book may have you looking at the future in a new light and with it comes a burst of inspiration and passion.

  • Take, for example, reading a biography. The book will take you through the ups and downs of the individual which may help you through turbulent times (and inspire you to do great things).

An additional bonus to it all is that it allows you (and your mind) to get away from the computer and all that hustle and bustle of affiliate marketing. A short, disconnected break where all you’re doing is focusing on the read can really be what’s needed if you’re feeling a little burnt-out.

6.  Clean out all the junk

Clutter, for most, leads to distraction.

Go ahead and do this:

  • Clean off your desk so it’s just your computer (and maybe a notepad)

  • Delete all those extra files off your computer you don’t need

  • Trim up some of those old projects that have fell to the wayside

  • Walk around the house and do some light cleaning

Try to get into the habit of keeping things minimal. By doing so you’ll be able to stay focused on the work that matters rather than having this feeling that you’re neglecting something. The visual impact also comes into account so you’re not constantly looking over and seeing something that distracts you from completing your objectives.

7. Give someone a ring

Pick up your phone and give someone a ring.

  • Your parents

  • Your siblings

  • Your grandparents

  • Your associates

  • Your friends

Doesn’t matter who just as long as you make the effort.

Working on the Web can get you locked into this mode where you’re mostly using email, social, and instant messaging but it’s highly impersonal. A simple phone call really brings out the emotion in people because so many of us don’t do it anymore. It’s good to hear one’s voice from time to time.

8. Sort out those finances

Don’t just try to “wing it” when it comes to business. You should know where you stand financially so you can make better decisions for the business in its future.

  • Balance the books

  • Track your expenses

  • Start a savings fund

Keeping up with something like finances, which usually only takes 15 or so minutes, will have you moving in the right direction so you’re not just squandering all your hard work and money toward things you (and your business) don’t need.

9. Start (or update) your journal

We’ve all said to ourselves “I think I’ll keep a daily journal” only to start for a few days then stop.

A daily journal lets you get all those thoughts and emotions out on paper (or screen) so later on you can reflect on those moment and make logical, clear judgments about what you’ll do with them.

You may also have a few ideas that aren’t viable at the moment but can be later down the line.

It’s also nice just to have something that you may, one day, pass on to your children or significant other so you can see how everything was in those certain years.

10. Actually relax for a change

I know I’m really bad about this one because when you have access to doing work at any time of the day there really isn’t a “cut off”. You really begin to lose that sense of a work/life balance.

Relax for a change.

Not just taking a break away from the computer to do something else but actually relax, lay back, watch the clouds roll through, and reflect. The work will be there when you come back.

Productive activity? That depends.

I feel that freeing your mind from work can certainly have your coming back with more inspiration and passion. Letting your mind wander will surprise you with neat and cool ideas for your business.


What activities do you do when you’re not doing affiliate marketing?

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