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The One Hour Marketing Plan: Refining Content Marketing


Throughout this week I will be taking you through the process of scaling your affiliate marketing business with very little effort. In just one hour you will begin to set in motion new opportunities to increase your revenue through a variety of means. These items include finding offers, website tweaks, content marketing, link building, and social media automation.

For less time than it takes to read the news you can be on your way to incremental improvement within your business. Ready to get started?

A quick question for you …

Have you ever taken the time to refine your content marketing plan?

Blogger, affiliates, businesses owners, and the like, seem to jump into creating content without clear goals in mind. They start by tackling subjects they understand which they feel interesting to the community. Over time they shift into trying to cover recent trends.

Eventually the content is hit and miss because it’s so “jumpy”. One day you could share a tutorial on developing a website and the next covers your favorite books. Your community regulars could be off-put by this switch in focus. Likewise, new visitors may have trouble feeling encouraged to dig deeper into your existing content and have a different expectation compared to the veteran community members.

Developing a content strategy allows you to see the big picture.

Content marketing is like a puzzle. You’d have difficulty piecing it together if you don’t have a general idea of the finished picture.

One should be created before you set out but it’s equally important to take time to refine the existing work and strategies. By doing so you will not only continually deliver great pieces but you’ll also develop a great content ecosystem which aids in SEO and building authority.

The One Hour Action

Before we begin do note that you don’t have to plan out an entire year’s worth of content in one fell swoop. I’d actually recommend doing it on a month-by-month basis that way you have wiggle room to include new features you want to explore (or those requested by the community).

This should take you less than an hour of your day. The tools I recommend happen to be free, too.

Create the Content Schedule

Google Drive is free and a good choice since you can access it anywhere. Though, you could also do this with an alternative spreadsheet program.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep it simple to labels like Post Title, Day, Date, Subject, Intention, Interlink, and Promotion. Look at the row items for an explanation.

At this point you’re already half way there.

Go ahead and take these actions.

Fill out a month’s worth of content ideas based on feedback, opinions, and research. Take a look at the big blogs out there, in your industry, and see which posts resonate with their community. Get in direct contact with your early adopters to find what they’re passionate about (since they’ll most likely have a greater understanding of your business and what makes for great content around it).

Rolling Out the Content

I’m sure you already know what’s needed to get content up and out there so, instead, I’m going to cover a few things to keep in mind that you may forget throughout the process:

  • Revise your existing content with new affiliate promotions, resources, and updates a few months after it’s been published. This will keep things fresh for those finding it through search engines and digging in the archives. It’ll also give you the opportunity to link to newer pieces of content or hot affiliate promotions after the old ones have died off.

  • Take some time to create new forms of media for existing content. Video is a great way to cut through the search rankings since YouTube is frequently displayed in search results. Video also gives you the chance to humanize your content especially if you’re the one on camera. You can do promotions during this time and build your authority. The content is already there – it just needs to be reworked to a different form of media.

  • Spend some time to dig through your analytics to see how well certain pieces have performed. Consider adding new pieces related to these popular posts into your content schedule and then revising the old ones with these new resources.

Much of content marketing, when being used as a vehicle to create affiliate sales, really just comes down to having a plan in place and then sticking to it.

The main thing to accomplish is to have a general understanding of the big picture.

You can always make the necessary edits at a later point (SEO, resources, promotions, etc). From there you can do all the other little tweaks that’ll improve conversions and engagement. But first … refine your direction so you’re not aimlessly creating piece after piece for the sake of having content on the site.

Make a content goal. Stick to it. Make improvements. Gain your success.


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