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Configure WordPress for maximum traffic

Site-Building Challenge, Day 6: Configure WordPress for maximum traffic- AffiliatePrograms.comIf you’ve been following our site-building challenge, you’ve already done your basic WordPress installation. Now it’s time to start configuring your new affiliate marketing site. Today we’re going to customize the permalink structure of your site.

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Setup hosting and install WordPress

Site-Building Challenge, Day 5: Setup hosting and install WordPressNow it’s time to prepare for the next steps of site-building: signing up for your web hosting account and setting up WordPress. While these steps are easy once you’ve done them before, the act of setting up a hosting account and logging into your control panel can intimidate some people.

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Web usability for beginners, part 2

Part 2 in beginners’ guide to setting up maximum website usability efficiency to help your visitors find their way around, and to help your site perform better in the search engines.

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Web usability for affiliate marketers, part 1

Web Usability for Beginners - AffiliatePrograms.comOne of the most essential elements to creating a successful website is making it as easy as possible for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

If a visitor doesn’t find it easy and intuitive to navigate your site,  they’re not going to spend too much time looking. Not when there are so many competing sites out there likely to provide a much friendlier user experience.


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The beginner's guide to WordPress plugins, part 1

When you're building your first website with WordPress, there are a lot of decisions you need to make. You need to select a web host, choose a flexible theme framework, and implement a backup strategy … just in case. You'll also need to create lots of unique, quality content that appeals to buyers in your niche. But one of the most daunting challenges you might face is selecting the right mix of plugins.


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The Importance of Homepage Content

Once you've decided that you need a website, the decision about what content to include on your home page becomes an important issue. Think of your home page as a first impression of your business. Research has demonstrated that website viewers judge the quality of a website in a matter of seconds. If your goal is to gain regular visitors, readers, and customers, then the quality of your home page should be a primary concern.

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Finding a web host for your affiliate website

Once you've decided to build a website, you need to find a hosting provider that can provide a home for your site. There are so many hosting providers available that the choice can be difficult. Don't forget, you can always discuss hosting solutions with other affiliates in our affiliate marketing forums. The following tips offer suggestions about what to consider when choosing a hosting provider.

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How To Get A Website Up

How To Get A Website Up & Running In Under An Hour

Building an effective website does not need to take weeks of planning, design, and development. By following a few quick tricks, you can quickly create and publish a fully functioning website.

You can also learn quickly by reading through our internet marketing forums and learning from other webmasters. The following fast and easy steps will explain how to get a website up and running in under an hour.

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Design With Your Users In Mind

Focus on User-Friendly Elements

Looking for some great tips on your web design? Check out what some of the members of our affiliate community are doing to keep their sites user-friendly.

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How To Learn HTML

Start with the Basics

As you begin to learn HTML, you should start by learning a few HTML basics. There are a number of excellent books and websites designed for beginners. In fact we even have a dedicated section in our affiliate forums related to web design. By learning only a few crucial HTML tags, you will be able to publish a very simple page in HTML. The following tags are just a few you should learn how to use:

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