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The Best New WordPress Corporate Themes

There have been many great developments to WordPress themes as a of late - here are some of the best, new corporate themes.

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The Importance of Respecting Your Customer Privacy

Consumer privacy may not be the first item on your list in business but it needs to be part of the discussion in the early phases.

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What If: $500 to Build a Website

What if you only had $500 to build a website? How far could you stretch that money to get the site that you want and need?

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Where to Find Landing Page Designs for your Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

We examine the big three: why use landing pages, where to find templates, and how to maximize your usage via resources. Take a look!

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Where to Find Quality Images for your Blog Posts

A collection of our favorite, most recommended locations to find great images for your website and blog posts.

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: Adding Dynamic Social Features

Here is our collection of social media plugins and features to add to your WordPress blog to increase engagement.

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: How-to Implement Shortcodes

Learn the basics of shortcodes and how to begin implementing them into your website to improve its flexibility and design.

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: Installing (and Updating) WP Plugins

Learn how to find, assess, and install WordPress plugins (and keep them updated from within the WordPress dashboard).

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: Navigate, Understand, and Customize the WP Dashboard

Navigate, understand, and customize the WP dashboard with these helpful video tutorials (to streamline your work within the platform).

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WordPress Tips & Tricks: How-to Create a Website Backup (The Simple Way)

A simple way to create partial or full backups of your WordPress website using a handy WordPress plugin and know-how.

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