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Six More Mistakes Not to Make as an Affiliate Marketer


Back in the beginning of the year you learned of six various mistakes you’re likely to make an affiliate marketer.

At the time these were some of the biggest but it’s been over half a year and it seems that there are still many mistakes to be made (if you’re not careful). In this post we’re going to go through six more of the mistakes. We’re also going to tell you how to avoid them.

If you’re able to avoid (or at least overcome) these issues you should have no problem continuing forward with your work and onward to success.

Let’s jump into the list, shall we?

#1: Holding back

Over the years the biggest mistake I’ve been seeing from affiliate marketers and their efforts is that they seem to be holding back. Reading their material you can tell that they aren’t giving their readers the complete picture. Why? Because they want to funnel people to the paid product.

The problem, here, is that by holding back they’re really just crippling their ability to build authority. Their readers get a lot of great information but they’re inclined to go elsewhere, to another source, that’s giving away more. Once you lose their interest it’s very difficult to get it back.

The fix: Put all your knowledge and best intentions into giving away information. By doing so you can ensure you’re doing your best to build authority and it will challenge you to go above and beyond when it comes down to creating a product or service.

#2: Relying on a single campaign/promotion

Affiliate marketing isn’t the type of business where you choose a single product or service and ride it all the way to the bank. Sure, it may work for some if they do their homework and have a bit of luck but to really be effective at affiliate marketing you need to have multiple offers running at all different times.

If you rely on a single promotion or campaign you’re setting yourself up for a gigantic failure. Google could come sweeping in with a change of their policies, your site drops off the map, and there goes your revenue stream.

The fix: Diversify your portfolio. Take on various projects (big and small). Try and test different products within the same niche. Expand into new industries and markets. Use what you know about affiliate marketing to continually launch new campaigns.

#3: Not bothering with customer service/experience

Though you’re selling other people’s products it doesn’t mean you can’t offer some form of customer service. The same can be said about the customer experience. After all, you and your business is part of the sales process so it’s worth your while to add to the value.

If you fail to provide ample support, feedback, and a genuinely pleasant experience for your visitors you’re going to have a harder time making the sale. It also makes it difficult to earn their repeat business. If your visitors are burned on their first offer then they’re not coming back again.

The fix: Open the channels for communication. Interact with your community and answer questions about a product or service. Treat it as if the offer is your own. Implement live chat, discussion groups, forums, direct contact, phone chats, or whatever it takes to help people understand the value of the offers you’re promoting. Then make sure their entire experience is unforgettable so they feel inclined to return the next time you make a recommendation.

#4: Failing to act on long-term potential

Right in line with our #2 item is the mistake of treating affiliate marketing like a sprint rather than a marathon. Truth be told there is a lot of money to be gained if you do rapid fire campaigns but these are very volatile – some are big winners and some or monumental losers.

Do you like affiliate marketing? Is it something you want to do for a good while? Then start thinking about the long-term rather than quick profits. Trends can be great for quick bumps but use your knowledge of market research to pick winners that are going to be around for years to come.

The fix: Create a mixture of short and long-term goals for the business. The short goals can cater to what’s hot and trending which can give you a nice spike in income (which should go toward your larger campaigns). Work diligently, every day, on growing your long-term potential. Focus on authority, reputation, and list building if you want to stick around more than a few months because its these three items that will make you a main player than some scrub.

#5: Not taking time off

Business can wear you thin and there’s no business that does it better than affiliate marketing. Why? Because it requires you to constantly change on a near day-to-day basis. You’re constantly in need of refining campaigns, researching & implementing new strategies, handling the community, pushing content, and oh so much more.

This leads to a lot of affiliate marketers burning out. They shine bright for a short while but then *poof* the pressure is too much, they take some time off to recoup, but they never quite make it back. They start to pick up where they left off but the community (and industry) has already made a shift and it’s that experience that will frustrate you into giving up all together.

The fix: Learn to take breaks on the regular. Automate what you can to reduce the amount you need to touch each day. Hire additional help for areas that are taking up too much of your time. Take vacations when applicable so you can recharge your batteries but not long enough that people think you’ve abandoned your post.

#6: Giving up too early

Affiliate marketing is a marathon, remember? Too many individuals give up too early and it’s this mistake that is the easiest to make of them all. It takes time for your affiliate projects to grow. You can’t really expect an instant impact on the industry on the first day.

You have to understand it may take a year. It may take two years. It may take half a decade of hard work before you see a healthy, stable amount of profit. Between that time you will be tempted to give in and return to your old job or career. You have to stick with it.

The fix: Learn to pace yourself and grow a thick skin. Work on goals that build on one another so you can continually progress toward success. Learn from your mistakes along the way and do what needs to be done to correct the wrongs. Get out of the mindset of overnight success.

Have you made these mistakes? What about the last six? What did you do to avoid (or overcome) them?


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