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Beat the Heat: Summertime Affiliate Products worth Promoting


BBQ’s, road trips, and sunny skies. Summertime is great for these things but one thing I think we can all agree upon is that the heat is often unbearable.

In this post I have collected a variety of physical products that you can promote during summertime for those in the hot zone. I will be using Amazon (Associates) as the base for these products but you can certainly use other sites that you prefer.

These type of products are perfect for list and round-ups; they also pair well when you are creating content about summertime activities. On the advertising end you could target specific regions and really drive home the value of the product.

Many of these products have plenty of competitors; the ones listed are just an example of the type of product you could promote.

Okay, let’s get this started, here are some of those items worth promoting:

1. Personal Cooling Devices (aka Personal AC)

Fans are fine for the heat but they mostly push around the hot air; these type of products generally use a damp sponge (or ice packs) and a fan to blow out colder air. The items are very portable, affordable, and make a lot of sense so promotion of them should be a breeze (pun intended)


  • Price: $10 – $30

  • Value: Portable, cooler air, sleek design

  • Fits with: Sporting, camping, hiking, and more

2. Cooling Vests

Though they’re not the most fashionable they are quite an interesting product worth promoting. Cooling vests are exactly as they sound; either they are made to help your skin breath or they’ll use small ice packs to keep your core body cool.

  • Price: $30 – $100+

  • Value: Wearable, comfort, simple

  • Fits with: Hot working environments, prolong outdoor times

3. Seat Covers

Nothing is worse than going out to your vehicle, opening the door to a plume of hot air, sitting down, and scorching your back. It doesn’t help that parking lots don’t have a lot of shaded areas so something like a seat cover would be great for promoting to those that are always on the go.


  • Price: $20- $80

  • Value: Comfort

  • Fits with: Just about everything

4. Cooling Towels

You’ve probably seen these around your local pharmacy or big box retailer. These are little towels you soak in water and keep around specific spots on your body (usually head and neck) that will help to bring down your internal temperature to keep you cool. They’re a simple product so you shouldn’t have trouble conveying the concept to the audience.


  • Price: $5- $20

  • Value: Small, versatile, easy-to-use

  • Fits with: Any outdoor activities & working in hot areas

5. Portable AC Units

The same concept of an AC unit that’s attached to your house but in a smaller form. Portable AC units are going to be quite the hit now that the prices are starting to come down. These items are for those that want to enjoy the backyard but not have to go back in after an hour because they’re drenched in sweat. The items may be harder to fit in most niches but because of their price they are the best earners if you’re able to make the sale.

  • Price: $150 – $500+

  • Value: Quality build, efficient, solid investment

  • Fits with: Gardening, parties, smaller homes

There’s so much more

These is just a mere sample of what’s out there but there’s so much more. With the heat starting to pick up you can be sure that people will begin searching for these type of items to beat the heat. Jump on it now and you’ll start seeing the commissions come in when it’s hot.


Image by Life-Of-Pix


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