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Three Communities to Help with Ideas (When You’re in a Mental Rut)


When you’ve exhausted your ideas and already burned through your schedule you’ll sometimes feel like you’re in a mental rut. You’ll sit for hours jotting down ideas but they just don’t seem really compelling so you scrap them.

Because you’re getting stuck on the idea phase it means you’re not putting anything out there for your community and with this lapse you may see your profits shrink.

Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration.

Here are some of the communities I turn to when I find myself in this mental rut:

A. Reddit

Reddit can be a massive time-sink if you’re just sticking to the front page, looking at pictures of cats, and watching funny cat videos. Buried in the site are tons of great sub-Reddit’s that are tailored to whatever interest you may have (and even if it’s not there you can always start one of your own).

Go ahead and type in a keyword after the /r/ and you’ll most likely land on a community. Here you’ll find lively discussions about all sorts of topics within your niche. These can make for great pieces of content if you’re answering questions, interviewing the Redditors, or asking for feedback.

More on Reddit:

B. Facebook Groups

No… not the silly groups that are fan pages for a movie or some musician. I’m talking about the ones that are niched to your liking. Play around with the search feature and see which groups you may find. Alternatively, you could talk with your network and see which groups they’re in so you too can join.

I would recommend that you shy away from the largest groups in your niche because they often get muddied with too much promotion. Try to find a community that may be about 50 or so people so that the discussion doesn’t get lost in a flood of promotional content.

More on groups:

C. Webmaster Forums

No matter the niche it’s always important that you’re gaining knowledge about computers and operating online (since it is what makes your work possible). Webmaster forums are a great way to chime in, gain feedback, and lurk around finding ideas through discussions.

While you’re there you can fill out a proper profile, setup an attractive signature, and drive people to your projects by creating and continuing a lively discussion. Share what you know, now, and you’ll find a slew of ideas from what others have to say about it and while you’re at it you can pick up some expert advice to tweak your site (win/win!).

More on forums:


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