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New Year’s Resolutions for Every Affiliate Marketer


The only thing easier than making a new year’s resolution, is breaking one! With 2012 here and 2011 in history, it’s time to prep yourself for a new year and accomplish everything you weren’t able to in the previous year. I’m not going to bore you with a long list of 10 resolutions to making a million dollars in the new year, but instead, just a simple list of 3 ways to find more success with your online business and hitting new goals every day/week/month. Forget the predictions, just make these simple promises to yourself and your business in the new year!

Keep Your Focus Tight, But Think Big!

One of the biggest problems I continually come across over the years, is spreading myself too thin and trying to start too many projects at once. I will get super excited about something and work on it like crazy, then start to slow down and move away from the project. This would happen time and time again… then I would have more and more projects sitting around that are not completed. Not only has a ton of time been wasted, but if these projects were finished and running, they could have turned into something big.

I know many of us struggle with this same issue, and it’s not an easy one to fix. Do what you can to keep your focus tight on one or two big projects, and growing them to your wildest dreams in 2012!

Track Everything, then Track Some More!

Years ago when I first started making money online and building web sites, stats were the coolest thing in the world. Seeing the different countries that were visiting your web site and where they were coming from… that was just amazing. With the massive improvements in tracking and affiliate marketing, there is no reason why you can’t be creating killer ad campaigns and tweaking the heck out of your ad campaigns for even higher profits.

If you aren’t currently using stats and lead tracking programs like Tracking 202, CPV Lab, network pixel tracking, or any of the amazing solutions out there, you need to start now. This can be a big step for affiliates who are used to direct linking, but in the long run you will have an amazing wealth of information at your hands to improve your overall campaign’s performance.

Document Your Progress & Establish a Brand

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and moving forward, is to document your progress over the days, to weeks, to years. You will be surprised with how much you learn and discover when creating new campaigns and even failing. An excellent way to document your progress is with a wordpress blog. If you don’t want to put yourself out there in the public eye, you can create a private blog, or simply keep your own stats and records in Excel and Word files. No matter what path you choose, it’s important to keep a tight watch on your ad campaigns progress and fluctuations in numbers.

Should you decide to go the blogging route, you have to keep in mind that you are building a powerful resource that will be helpful to many others as well. In doing so, you are also creating a “brand” and reputation for yourself. As your blog and success with affiliate marketing continues to grow, you may find yourself and/or your blog becoming a successful side business and authority site that many look to for advise.

Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever!

There is no reason why 2012 can’t be your best year ever. The internet and affiliate marketing are still growing strong and there are fun and new exciting ways to make money online. It’s up to you to take the time and effort to make your business work. Follow these steps and make a resolution to yourself to find huge success in the new year!

About Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at Blogging Tips and Affiliate Marketing blog, as well as the founder of Follow me on Twitter @MoneyReign.


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