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Christian affiliate programs have quickly become one of the most popular niche markets on the Web. With even more growth expected in the upcoming years, this is one area you should not overlook. There are many different Christian offers to choose from, so it pays to be selective and pick wisely. Check out these top ten Christian offers to help find the ideal match for your affiliate marketing needs.

1. Books

There are a number of online bookstores that cater specifically to a Christian audience. With a great selection of titles to choose from, this is an ideal option for Christian booksellers looking for a way to further monetize their websites.

2. Movies

With so much sex and violence in movies today, it’s no wonder that the market for family movies has grown tremendously. There are a number of companies that market films that are kid-friendly with strong values, so be sure to check out some of these fantastic and appealing Christian offers.

3. Dating

Online dating websites have grown tremendously in recent years, and niche dating websites are among the fastest growing. Christian dating offers a great way to appeal to your online audience, generate revenue, and build a successful and lasting affiliate marketing business.

4. Internet Filtering Software

Parents are always on the lookout for ways to protect their children online. Internet filtering software is very appealing to anyone who want to block out harmful materials from their home computer, so check out some of the many affiliate programs that feature these sought after products.

5. Clothing and Apparel

More and more, consumers are turning to the Web to find Christian-themed clothing and modest apparel. With many different programs and a wide range of styles to choose from, this is a great opportunity for fashion-related websites to reach out to a Christian audience.

6. Social Networking

The Internet has become an ideal place to meet new people and make new friends. Christian social networking sites are a great way to like-minded people to meet, share and learn. If you are looking for an affiliate opportunity with a lot of potential for future growth, give some serious thought to these Christian offers.

7. Music

Christian bands have become popular with even non-Christian audiences, so music offers are an excellent way for affiliate marketers to reach out to a broad online audience. No matter what specific topic your Christian website is devoted to, music products and services can be an excellent marketing choice.

8. Business

From business networking to business practices, Christian business offers are quickly emerging as a popular affiliate marketing option. This is a great choice for affiliate marketers looking for business-to-business marketing options.

9. Bible Study

Online Bible study is a great choice for today’s busy Christian, so these offers are an ideal choice for many marketers. Check out some of the many available programs to discover which is right for your business and your audience.

10. Children’s Entertainment

Sales of online children’s entertainment have grown tremendously as more and more parents turn to the Internet for their shopping needs. From movies to books to video games, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. Be sure to see what these appealing Christian offers might provide for your online business.


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