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In the mobile affiliate marketing industry, there are literally thousands of different products and services available to promote. With so much selection, it can be difficult for online marketers to identify the best and most lucrative offers. However, some mobile selections have emerged to stand out from the crowed market as top offer delivering outstanding consumer appeal, demand and rewards.

The mobile market is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years, with more than $1.3 billion in sales predicted by the year 2009. If you want to achieve true success as a mobile affiliate, you must select the offers that appeal to your audience and deliver the best possible results. Before choosing products and services to promote, check out the following top five mobile affiliate offers.

1. Cell Phones

Most people replace their cell phone at least once each year, which means there is always a steady demand for new mobile phone offers. Shoppers are always interested in the newest styles and technologies, so it pays to offer a range of different phones. Look for offers in a variety of price ranges to ensure that all customers are able to find exactly what they are looking for.

2. Ring Tones

Once people have bought a new cell phone, they want to find great new ways to customize and personalize it. Ring tones have quickly become one of the most popular online items, with online shopper searching for everything from top 40 pop hits to obscure indie tracks. No matter who your target customers are, you can be sure to find a number of great ring tones that are perfect for their tastes and musical preferences.

3. Music Downloads

Many of today’s mobile devices feature musical capabilities, doubling as music players in addition to their primary function. Because of this, music downloads have become a red-hot item for consumer seeking the latest songs or older tracks to add to their mobile music collection. Music downloads are great match for a wide range of websites, including those devoted to technology, music and entertainment.

4. Phone Services

Consumers who buy phones and accessories also need to shop for mobile phone services. Contract plans, pay-as-you-go phones and calling cards are just a few of the great mobile offers you may want to consider. Consider offering several different options in different price ranges to ensure that all customers can find the right plan for their needs.

5. GPS

GPS programs and mapping services are relatively new mobile offers that are expected to grow tremendously over the next few years. As more and more consumers add GPS capabilities to their cars, laptops and mobile devices, the need for mapping technologies and accessories grows as well.

While there are many mobile offers to choose from, these five stand out from the pack in terms of quality, appeal and potential rewards. Consumers are motivated to buy these products and services, which means you will be more likely to draw in customers and inspire sales. Consider promoting some of these great mobile offers today to get started in this exciting and growing market.


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