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Internet-RetailersWe all understand the importance of social media to our affiliate businesses. Even when you’re just launching a new site and have only a handful of followers, social media can still give you the initial head start you need.

This is a commonly know fact not only in internet marketing, but also in the mainstream retail industry.

Actually, 97% of the Top 250 Internet Retailers are on Facebook, and they average 1 million fans … the numbers most internet marketers can only dream of.

Here’s the A-list – the top retailers on social media:

How Powerful Top Retailers Are

The research conducted by Campalyst shows that the top 10 retailers are much more influential than the remaining top 11-250.

When it comes to Facebook, the top 10 retailers have more than 10 million fans on average, while the top 11-250 have only 500,000. There’s a similar story with Twitter –  630,000 for the top 10, and 30,000 for the top 11-250. Pinterest is the only social network where the difference between the top 10 retailers and the rest is not that big (6,500 and 320 fans on average).

Top Retailers on Facebook

What’s interesting about the situation on Facebook is that the platform has more branded pages with over 100,000 fans than pages with less than 100,000 fans. One of the reasons for this is the massive size of Facebook itself. With that many users already there, brands have it easier to attract fans.

Top retailers are:

  • Victoria’s Secret: 18,437,746 fans.

  • Walmart: 15,211,496 fans.

  • Adidas: 13,937,768 fans.

  • Nike: 11,802,467 fans.

  • Target: 11,571,745 fans.

Top Retailers on Twitter

Top retailers are:

  • Major League Baseball: 1,940,548 followers.

  • Apple: 911,146 followers.

  • Victoria’s Secret: 752,312 followers.

  • Urban Outfitters: 537,363 followers.

  • ThinkGeek: 488,232 followers.

Top Retailers on YouTube

The retailers on YouTube don’t attract that many subscriptions, but they do attract a massive amount of views – currently at over 100 million combined.

Top retailers are:

  • Nike: 212,935 subscribers.

  • 83,493 subscribers.

  • Victoria’s Secret: 81,877 subscribers.

  • 81,316 subscribers.

  • Sephora: 57,879 subscribers.

Top Retailers on Google+

Top retailers are:

  • Major League Baseball: 611,368 followers.

  • Sony Style: 408,525 followers.

  • Williams Sonoma: 371,960 followers.

Top Retailers on Pinterest

Top retailers are:

  • Nordstrom: 14,778

  • Williams Sonoma: 9,718

  • Barneys New York: 7,654

Pinterest’s numbers are not that impressive despite the initial hype that the platform had. As the research shows, Pinterest is probably more suitable for purely user generated content after all.

Which one of your social media profiles has the most fans? Is it Facebook like for the Top 250 Internet Retailers?

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