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Do This Now: Check Old Affiliate Links (They May Be Dead… or Worse)

Don't forget about that old content. It may be relevant but the content sure could use an update (and modern affiliate promotions, too).

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The Holiday Season: What to Do and What to Promote

A few ideas for what you should do during the holiday season to make the most affiliate profit.

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Simple Ways to Save on Common Business Expenses

Business isn't just about pushing high profits. There are times when there needs to be a balance; a time to cut out unnecessary expenses.

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How to Gain a Leg Up on the Competition

Learn a variety of tricks and strategies to gain an edge on the competition, increase your profits, and become a bigger authority.

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How-to Recruit an Army of Brand Ambassadors

Turn your most vocal community members into an army of brand representatives that will boost online reach, reputation, and sales.

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The Good (and Naughty) List of Affiliate Marketing for the Holiday Season

See what and who made the good and bad list for 2012 and what you could be doing, using this knowledge, to make a massive, final push in your holiday affiliate promotions.

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A Look at the World of Blogging in 2012

Take a look at the amazing numbers behind Wordpress in 2012.

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Home Office Essentials

A well organized home office is important to the success of any online marketer. A home office can help you be more efficient, productive, and successful. If you work from home as an online marketer, spend some time on home office planning to determine which supplies and essentials are important to your work. Home Office Planning In order to design the workspace possible, you need to spend a little time planning and designing the perfect home office. Start by making a list of the basic things you will need to perform your job effectively. Obvious choices include a desk, computer, and office ...

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