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Ways to Make Your Monday Mornings Less Dreadful


The Monday morning dread.

You’re coming back from a relaxing weekend so of course the day always starts off slow. The anxiety of knowing you have a full week ahead of you doesn’t help, either. Then you’ve got those people that seem to immediately get on your nerves as soon as you sit down to work.

Well … the show has to get started so there’s no beating around the bush. You can power through it like most others but then again … you’re going to face it all over again come next Monday.

How about you rework your Monday mornings so they’re less dreadful?

1. Don’t jump right into email & news

I can’t stress this enough.

When you arrive to work to immediately jump into your emails or scan the news you’re going to start the day negatively – I can guarantee it.

You don’t want to start the day thinking about something awful like violence, do you?

Start the day on a positive note with positive thoughts. Take that first hour to hop right into work without distraction and the possibility that something may be upsetting.

2. Set a new goal and a great reward for the day

You probably already have a big to-do list but there’s always room for one more item.

Make this item something relatively easy to accomplish but with a major reward.

For example – you could make a goal of sending out ten sales emails and as a reward you could go out tonight to your favorite restaurant.

Setting a small, accomplishable goal (with a great reward) can brighten up your day and if you roll with that positivity you shouldn’t have a problem with dreading your Monday mornings.

3. Do Monday morning work on Friday afternoon

I think this comes as a no-brainer.

Take a look at your schedule and see what you could do on Friday for Monday. Even if it’s a handful of small items such as scheduling your emails.

The point is to reduce some of the Monday morning stress that’s caused by coming into a boat load of work. If you can get a few of them out of the way your Monday morning should be far less stressful.

4. Get plenty of rest over the weekend

When you have time off – make the most of it.

Disconnect from work. Completely.

Get as far away from anything remotely related to work and relax. Maximize your time away from work, go out and have fun. Work can wait until Monday.

When you get enough rest you’ll feel refreshed and energized to hop right into the new work week (that’s an obvious one). Take extra naps. Go slow. Don’t get too stressed.

5. Chow down on a hearty breakfast

Grab some grub.

Don’t just rely on coffee to get the gears going on Monday morning. Wake up early and take some time to make an epic meal. Stuff yourself.

You’ll need that energy for the rest of the day but really why it’s important to do this is that you’ll feel satisfied and that glow can give you momentum once you reach the office.

6. Block off people until the lunch hour

Make it very well known that you shouldn’t be interrupted until the lunch hour. At that time people can mingle and throw things your direction but the first half of the morning is your time of solitude.

Without the distractions you can get right into your work. Once you knock down a few of those items on your to-do list you’ll already feel the day to be a success.

Some individuals may need to reach you but try not to make too many exceptions. Remember that this is your time to start Monday morning how you want it – not thrown through a loop when people keep coming to you and disrupting your progress.

7. Play hooky

You know how you can completely get rid of those Monday morning blues at work?

Don’t show up.

Use up one of your vacation days or find some reason to not go into the office. Work will be there for when you’re back.

Playing hooky to do something new and exciting will break the monotony of your work week. Do it every once in a while and you’ll always feel fresh. Just try not to do it too frequently especially if you know there are some very important deadlines on Monday.

But otherwise … dip out from work and go have fun.


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