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The One Hour Marketing Plan: Considerable Website Tweaks


Throughout this week I will be taking you through the process of scaling your affiliate marketing business with very little effort. In just one hour you will begin to set in motion new opportunities to increase your revenue through a variety of means. These items include finding offers, website tweaks, content marketing, link building, and social media automation.

For less time than it takes to read the news you can be on your way to incremental improvement within your business. Ready to get started?

A quick question for you …

How well do you understand the user usability and experience of your website?

Websites are very simple to construct especially with the aid of templates and themes. We place our trust in the designer. The themes we choose are attractive and feel effective but we can’t quite know how well they perform just by following best practices.

Each website community will be its own. This means your community may behave completely opposite of those that follow your competition. Trying to replicate their design and experience off sets your ability to carve out a niche in your industry because people see your site to be a copy of others.

You should take time to apply tweaks to refine and control the usability and experience for your site visitors. Spending just an hour of your time can have considerable return on investment. This may include an increase in conversions or simple things like increased social shares.

The One Hour Action

Even if you do not have the skills required to make the forthcoming tweaks it would be beneficial to take notes if you plan to hand them off to your developer. If you do have access to making tweaks, such as in a CMS, then don’t mull over the suggestions … put them to practice.

In an hour you could do some of the following tweaks to improve the usability and experience:


Spend the hour to draw out your website navigation. Create a tree diagram. Show the connections between each of the categories and main pages of your website. Try to redevelop the navigation to remove unnecessary jumps in order to get visitors to their destination faster. Likewise, use the time to improve SEO through interlinking where you notice a break in the connections.


Brainstorm new headlines for the important areas of your website such as the home page, landing pages, and silo pages. Setup tests to find higher performing headlines through A/B testing. Spend a few of those moments to ask business associates their suggestions and feedback for your change in direction.


Follow the same type of procedure as you would with headlines but apply the work toward call-to-action buttons and forms. Remember to test, track, and optimize.


Consider spending that hour to setup a heat map for your website which will allow you to peer into how visitors are truly using the site. Let it run for a month and then come back to assess the situation. You may find particular areas of the site gaining higher attention which could have better placement higher into the design.


Don’t have an easy way for visitors to share your work? Get on it. Social plugins and scripts are very easy to install. They do wonders for increasing the chance of having your content shared on any number of social networks. There’s no excuse to skimp this one.


Take the hour to reach out to community members, customers, and business associates and request their feedback and testimonial for your work. Display these items in key areas of the website such as within close proximity of call-to-actions, review pages, checkout, and more. Likewise, invest in reputable trust services to display on your website.


Change up the graphics of your website. Find higher quality, engaging photos. Take shots from around the office to show off the human side of business. Use pictures of your customers (with their permission) to promote a product/service on your site. Give the site a fresh look or even tie-in to the holiday seasons.


Create a simple contact for which uses an auto responder to send coupons to interested parties. Try displaying a coupon code as a banner. Use a social locker to increase your fan base by rewarding the click with a discount. Try something, anything, when it comes to using coupons.

Take action. Set a time, today, to apply said website tweaks to your site. Give them a test. Track the engagement. Work on improving conversions. Then come back tomorrow, prepared, to see how an hour of your day with content marketing can be a game changer.


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