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What are Entertainment Affiliate Programs?


Entertainment affiliate programs cover a broad array of services on the Web and can range from dating sites and services to DVD purchasing and rentals. While entertainment services are very common on the Web, you also have to check closely for legitimate businesses. This is especially true in any company dealing with the sale of DVDs or music. Be careful the company does not deal in pirated material.

Choosing the Best Entertainment Affiliate Program Start with the name you know. You may have ordered a DVD or movie online at some point – who did you order from? Maybe you’ve heard of certain dating services on the television or radio, or you’ve purchased music from an online retailer. Even if those sites don’t offer affiliate programs, take note of how they run their online business and make sure the other programs you find measure up.

Evaluate the sites per the following tips:

  • Check for the fine print to make sure they’re selling what they say they’re selling

  • Can you find contact information for customer service easily? Is there a clear virtual path to a toll-free number or email link?

  • Is it easy to place an order on the site? Do they have appropriate site security for personal and financial information? Do you receive a confirmation number?

  • Is the site easy to navigate, with clear product descriptions and adequate imagery?

  • Is the return policy spelled out in plain terms? Will they only accept returns after a certain number of days? Do they offer support for certain products?

  • Do they give detailed information about each product?

In order to be successful, you will want to add additional elements that may draw these shoppers in, along with attracting the attention of the visitors you receive on your own merits.

Quick Tips: Optimize Your Site to Promote Your Online Entertainment Affiliate Site

  • Stay in touch with your affiliate so you can promote the latest sales and specials, like free delivery or next-day delivery. You’ll also want to be informed on their inventory

  • Keep your site links and banner ads current

  • Add a blog to your site that addresses what to look for in the online entertainment services industry. Detail out what the newest trends are. You can link to the retail site in the blog, as well

  • Do you send regular customer updates via email? Promote the affiliate site in those, as well.

Try to focus on additional keywords (through your blogs, tips, product descriptions) such as movie rental online, online dating, online sweepstakes, etc.


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