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Q & A: What are the best ways to promote my website?


Affiliate marketing profits really come down to two major accomplishments:

  • Driving a fair amount of targeted traffic

  • Converting those individuals

Everyone wants more traffic. Everyone wants more sales. The way you reach both of these things is by continually promoting your website to attract new visitors in addition to capturing their attention so they become regular members of your community. Though it’s easily said it’s not so easily done.

The question today is “what are the best ways to promote my website?”

Online Promotion: The Ones that Matter

There are more than enough ways to go about promoting a website to keep you busy for a lifetime. However, what we’d like to do is focus on the ones that really matter; the ones that have the highest return on value for your time, effort, and budget.

Out of all of them we narrowed it down to these…

  • Blogging – Few tactics work as well as sharing your knowledge and so blogging is one of the easiest ways to go about promoting a website. Blog posts should be created regularly for your site and as guest posts. Each time you create a blog post you are able to capture important keywords for search engine placement along with having something to share with your social community. In guest blogging you are reaching a new segment of your audience and pulling them back to your site (along with some SEO).

  • Social – There are times when you should steer the social profile and others when it works to do a bit of automation. Social platforms are free and easy to setup so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using them (like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). Share great stories, content, and start discussions; that’s really all you need to do in order to make social work. You can certainly go deeper by investing in services and products but if you do anything at least keep a regular schedule with your social usage because it’s always an opportunity reach your audience.

  • Advertising – Advertising is intimidating when you first give it a go because you have real money on the line but once you understand how to use platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, or all the other various ones it isn’t so bad. The best way to go about advertising is to run small campaigns to see which show a positive return, then you refine the ad, and increase the budget on those platforms that work. Sure you’ll be spending money but if you do it right you’ll be sending targeted leads to your business that make up the cost because they’re converting.

  • Networking – Who you know in the industry can be one of the biggest elements to your promotion. If you’re buddy-buddy with an industry leader or one of the authority figures you can generally tap into their position and get the endorsement that brings your work to the spotlight. It takes some time to build up this network but all it takes is delivering great value to those individuals which will eventually be reciprocated.

Only four? This time around, yes, because these are the cornerstones of online promotion. Each of these have dozens of different sub-topics to explore so you’ll never run out of opportunities to promote your site if you focus on these main items. Do a little of each, each day, and you’ll see the traffic roll in and community grow. One more thing… commit!

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