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What To Look For In Banners and Creatives


One of the most powerful driving forces behind advertising on the internet is through the power of banner advertising. They are every where!

Even back in the mid 90s when the internet was just starting to get hot, banner ads were all the craze and companies were blowing loads of cash just for clicks! We are talking about clicks and clicks and clicks… yet little to no conversions.

This is one of the major contributing factors to why the dot com bubble exploded. Thanks a lot banner ads! Everyone was banner crazy and wanted as much traffic as they could get.

The same is true today, but we aren’t dumb enough to only count clicks. We need conversions! To get these conversions we need to continually test the best banner creatives out there and see what works for our landing pages, traffic sources and sign up process.

Here are some of the key factors to look for when designing or selecting winning banner ads and creatives.

Find a Quality and Affordable Designer

There is no reason why anyone should have to spend a ton of money on the creation of banners. There are many quality and low cost banner design services out there, and if you are looking to promote offers through ad networks, some of them will create custom banner ads for you.

Make Sure Your Banner has a Call-To-Action

The problem with many banners out there, is that the designers and marketers are too focused on how they look and if they are pretty. Ugly banners actually perform much better than nice looking banners most of the time. It’s all about the call to action and grabbing the users attention. Clicks are great, but if you are getting them to click for the wrong reasons, then you are already on the path to a campaign loss.

Create Targeted Banners for Your Audience

Just like we were talking about earlier, back in the day banner ads were everywhere. To make things even worse was that most of the banner ads weren’t properly tracked and placed… which meant half the people seeing the ads probably didn’t want to see them in the first place because they weren’t targeted.

Now everything is targetable and so should your banner ads. If you are going to advertise only to Women in the age range of 35-45, make sure your banners display this type of message. There is no reason why your banner creatives shouldn’t speak specifically to everyone who is seeing them.

Time Sensitive Banners Work Great

Just like a solid call to action or targeted banner will work well, so will time sensitive banners. Words like “ending soon”, “only # left” and other phrases that make the person want to take action are always good to test with. Notice how big shopping sites will come out with different banner creatives during the different seasons and holidays through the year? This is another way people get into the “buying mode” through visual advertising.

How to Split Test Your Banner Ads

Once you’ve created a ton of new banner ads with your slick new call to actions and fancy buttons, you will want to get them to work and see which are actually performing. The best way to do this is through banner split testing.

Most ad networks will provide you with the scripts and internal tracking to rotate and manage impressions and click through rates. Their are also many beneficial wordpress plugins that allow you to run banner rotation software as well, if you like to do your own internal testing with your own traffic first.

It’s always important to run through as many creatives as you can, then pull out the low performers. The smallest fraction of a percent will make a big difference when you are pushing millions of impressions daily.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

To learn more about how to maximize revenue potential and build a successful blog, please visit my affiliate marketing blog at or follow me on Twitter @moneyreign.

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