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You, Affiliate Marketing, and Video: Script Writing Basics


You’re back, that’s great!

Welcome to part two of the video for affiliate marketers mini-series.

Our first post covered the basics of what you’ll be getting into and now we’re on our way into the “meat” of the objective. That objective? To increase your earnings using the video format.

In the article today you’ll learn about what goes into developing a script for your video; by the end of this you should have a fairly good idea on what you’ll be doing with your videos.

Let’s go ahead and jump into it…

First it’s important that understand the type of video you’re creating (for example):

  • Tutorials

  • Explainers

  • Interviews

  • Reviews

…and any other that you might have in mind.

Next you’ll want to understand who you’re directing the video to (for example):

  • What are the demographics?

  • What tone is acceptable to the audience?

  • What type of language do they frequently use?

  • What is their current understanding of the topic?

With these two elements in mind you’re now going to work on a brief overview for your video which will give you a starting point for the rest of the work.

It is at this point you may want to expand on the ideas and topic along with ensuring there are other items in mind (for example):

  • What is being promoted?

  • What will be the call-to-action?

  • What is the overall goal for the video?

Once you’ve completed this brief (which should touch on all these elements and provide you with a brief run-down of what will be created) you are now ready to write the script.

Load up a word doc and keep these things in mind when writing:

  • Try to keep it short – Shorter videos are easier to consume (and easier to produce); aim to keep the work short and punchy rather than unnecessarily dragging out.

  • Conversational tone – Try to keep the work in a tone as you would speak naturally – relaxed – so it isn’t littered with buzzwords and other items that don’t translate well to the audience.

  • Detailed – Write out as much as you can about everything that’s going into the production which includes how you’re facing the camera, what documents you may show, and any other interactions with the area.

Write out the first draft and then step away for five minutes; during this time don’t think about the script. Once that five minutes is up you’ll come back with a fresh set of eyes and a clear mind which will allow you to make logical corrections and edits.

After creating the script it would be worthwhile to try reading it in front of the mirror or at the location of the shoot; do this a few times to get the flow down and so that you’re less likely to stumble through it as you would doing it on-the-fly during a take.

…and with that you’re on your way to writing scripts for your videos. Remember that this is just a basic guide so if you’re itching for more then go out there on the Web and seek additional resources.


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