Target Omnichannel Shoppers

How to Target Omnichannel Shoppers: Those Researching Online (but Buying In-Store)

We are omnichannel shoppers. The omnichannel shopping experience is doing online research then buying in-store. Though, it goes both ways (looking in-store then going home to buy online). This is...

Write Consistently

Write Consistently — An Unnecessarily Long Post on Creating More Content

What probably brought you to the post was something like "how often should I post?". I mean, really, how often should we post? Some say you should publish a post every...

How to Find a Niche

How-To: Find a Niche (That Will Make You Money)

Before the website and campaigns come a need to find a niche. A niche is a smaller part of a market – the reason you want a niche is for...

Stay Up Late

Stay up Late Working (Because How Else Will You Do Affiliate Marketing While Holding a 9-To-5?)

The Web never sleeps. This very moment, even if you’re off into la-la land, people are visiting your website, absorbing your message, and considering the purchase of your affiliate products....

Getting paid through different affiliate payout types

Affiliate Payment Types and Models: Your Choice Matters!

Affiliate marketing is divided into different affiliate payment types and models. Each presents a different direction with generating money from your promotions. New affiliate marketers generally focus on a commission...


How Affiliate Marketing Works

Interested in how some of the biggest social media influencers, bloggers, and streamers make money online but not sure how affiliate marketing works? You’re in the right place. Affiliate marketing...

Old Wives Tales of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Myths: Don’t Believe These Old Wives’ Tales

Affiliate marketing myths continue to linger after all these years. They seem to stick because of two crowds – those that tried, got frustrated, and gave up or those that...

Increase Conversion Rates with Affiliate Website Improvements

Increase Conversion Rates with these Affiliate Website Improvements

To increase conversion rates, you need to be willing to make affiliate website improvements. I know, this sounds technical. But: It’s quite easy if you’re using site building and design...

No Shave November Affiliate Programs

No Shave November Affiliate Programs and Movember Opportunities

Movember has made the slow shift to what a lot are now referring to as “No Shave November”. It’s that time of the year where men allow their mustaches to...


Price Point Strategy: Using Tiered Pricing to Boost Affiliate Earnings

Tiered pricing is a price point strategy that presents options for customers while boosting your chance to increase affiliate earnings. The price point strategy is used in almost every (smart)...

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