twitterSocial media is still becoming more and more significant as a success factor online. The main story is that if you have a fair number of followers, you can spread virtually any message you like, and it will get some initial traction right away.

There are two main ways of building such social power, i.e. authority. You can either focus on sole numbers – build a big follower base, get some Facebook fans, friends on StumbleUpon, and so on. Or, you can gain authority through authenticity.

What’s Authenticity on the Internet?

The big problem online is that many social profiles on the internet simply don’t seem real. They look like they’ve been developed overnight and then bought their followers (none of them seem like real people).

Here’s a fact about social media: If your followers are fake inactive accounts then it doesn’t matter that you have 10,000 of them. You still have no reach.

Therefore, the idea here is to create real profiles that present the real you and your affiliate business.

The Steps of Building Authenticity

Step #1: Create a complete Twitter profile.

We’re sure you’re using Twitter already, but are you utilizing its full potential?

One of the best things about Twitter is that you can set a custom background. This background is perfect for showing a photo of you, the address of your affiliate site, and additional addresses of your other social media profiles.

The most important thing, however, is to use your actual photo (a headshot) as your profile avatar. Things like brand logos and such don’t work very well as avatars. Nothing beats a real photo of a real human being.

Step #2: Create a solid LinkedIn profile.

Spammers don’t use LinkedIn. And even when they do, they don’t publish their real data. Nothing shows your credibility more than creating a serious and professional LinkedIn profile.

Make sure to use the same photo that you’ve used on Twitter, and set it as your profile avatar. Also, provide every bit of information LinkedIn asks you for.

Focus your biggest attention on the summary block. Treat it as your elevator pitch.

Post Quality Entries

This is probably the most important part here. You can’t forget about posting things that your niche, followers and authorities will actually enjoy.

Don’t use the above social media sites for purely personal entries. Most of your following doesn’t care about such things. And if you hope to be eventually followed by an authority in your niche then staying on-topic is even more crucial.

What’s your take on building authority and being authentic on social media? Also, what other social media sites do you use?