People new to affiliate marketing tend to be enamored with hits and traffic. More experienced affiliates, however, understand that making sales is about how targeted the traffic is, and how strong the relationship is with the prospect.

In other words, it’s about building trust and rapport. And the best way to do that in the beginning when you don’t have any yet is to build up your credibility by positioning yourself as an expert in your topic.

There are many ways to position yourself as an expert, and some take more time than others, but the single fastest way to accomplish this aim is through article marketing.

What’s so great about article marketing is it’s accessible to anyone. It doesn’t cost any money. You don’t need any advanced technical knowledge. All you need to do is to sit down and commit some time to writing keyword-centric and informative articles in your areas of interest.

And if you can’t write well, you can even outsource it to a ghostwriter or freelancer.

When you create an account at article directories like EzineArticles you are automatically positioned as an “Expert Author. “Let’s say your passion and interest is being an affiliate for anti-aging skin care products, a huge, lucrative industry that is a reflection of the spending habits of the well off baby boomers.

Creating useful content about how and why skin ages and natural substances that can counteract these effects while establishing yourself as an “Expert Author” will allow you to jump start the rapport and trust building process with Internet searchers who don’t know you yet.

Amazingly, you’ll find that if you create the content the right way, with a strong lead up to your web site, a fair amount of people will even buy the products you’re recommending straight away if you do a good job positioning the products at your site.

Of course, of those who don’t buy right away, you can create an opt in form for a newsletter or an autoresponder series to build the relationship up even further over time.

There is nothing complicated about this. The entire cycle just described looks like this: good keyword identification -> expert author status -> status confirmed in visitor’s mind by reading useful, informative content revolving around keywords -> targeted traffic to web site -> sales happen and/or prospect’s contact info is freely given by prospect for further follow up and relationship building by you.

In conclusion, just always remember that people want to buy but they hate being sold to. Because the web is by its very nature an impersonal medium, your first goal is to always take actions that generate higher degrees of trust and credibility.


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Super Affiliate Dan Ho has been a full time internet marketer for over 7 years. As the founder of Affiliate Article Writers , he teaches hundreds of students how to build recurring, lifetime income through this nearly turn-key affiliate training system. Affiliate Article Writers teaches highly focused article marketing applied directly to high demand, lifetime income products to build significant passive income. Affiliates who had never experienced success online before are achieving results quickly by following Dan\’s simple, proven strategies.