It's a jungle out there!

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to instantly send loads of traffic to your website. However, many affiliate marketers are leaving a lot of money on the table with their misuse of the platform. Here are five ways to get the most from PPC:

#1: Define Your Goals

Your goals will aid in forming an accurate strategy of logical steps toward accomplishing what you want from running a PPC campaign. Set daily, weekly, and monthly tasks which progress you toward your goal and set milestones to track and reinforce great work habits. Your goals may also include a sales level, reaching a particular customer base size, or simply used to hit a traffic quota. In all, have a definitive reason for your work to reaffirm your time and resources are spent wisely.

#2: Qualify Your Traffic

Experiment with your PPC ad copy through the clever use of qualifying words.

Freebie and information hunters may give your campaign a high click through rate but they’re unlikely to convert. Instead, craft your ad copy to set small “hurdles” and “stops” that prevent low quality traffic from clicking your ads; use these qualifiers to speak to your desired customer.

For example: Including a price and phone number will explain that you’re selling a product vs. merely stating that you have information because you’ve omitted these items.

#3: Refine and Optimize Your Keywords

Readily check, maintain, and improve your keyword selection to ensure your budget is being spent on high quality keywords that convert. Likewise, refine your keyword list to include negative modifiers that removes your PPC ads from search queries that do not fit your business model or intended audience.

For easier access, use spreadsheets to track your keywords and ad campaigns. There are export features in most PPC ad platforms that will save you hours of copy & pasting these keywords. Organize your ads by groups and campaigns for bonus productivity.

#4: Test Your Campaigns (and Landing Pages)

Make it an importance to constantly test every element of your PPC ad campaign which includes the landing page because the two are synchronous with conversions.

Set a budget and run a split test between your ad copy for each ad; use small modifications to keep the testing simple. Pause ads that have been replaced by higher performing variants. Constantly improve and tweak your ad copy; strive for a higher click through rate and website conversion.

Likewise, test and optimize your landing page which includes the headline, body copy, offer, call-to-action, and other website elements.

#5: Leverage a PPC Tool

Lastly, leverage PPC tools which are extremely helpful for automatically tracking and reporting the performance of your ad campaigns. These tools have built in features that help you optimize each running ad and will reveal additional opportunities. As a bonus, many of these PPC tools have great support for when you’re stumped and need a boost to your PPC advertising through the help of trained individuals.

What tips would you include in this list? Share a comment below.