There are two main ways of building links to your site. You can either expect for things to happen naturally (the path Google actually advises you to take), or you can start building links actively. Of course, the second approach is where most of SEO is done.

Essentially, link building is all about finding places where you can submit a link pointing back to your site. Sometimes those links are easy to get, but sometimes you have to put some work before you can enjoy your new link. This short post will share some examples for both scenarios.

Guest Posting

Let’s start with the most time consuming way of link building, yet one of the most effective at the same time – guest posting.

The idea is that you find a blog that accepts guest posts, contact the owner, pitch your idea for a guest post, write the thing, include a link pointing back to your site in the post (or in the author’s bio), and send the post to the blog owner. If everything goes well the blog owner gets a free post and you get a free link.


This is quite similar to guest posting, but this time you’re submitting your work to an online article directory like and others similar. The articles should be 300-800 words long depending on the site where you’re submitting them, and they have to be informative and useful, otherwise they won’t be approved.

Your author’s bio is where you get to include an anchored link pointing back to your site.

Free Blog and Web 2.0 Site Creation

Similar to article directories, only this time you’re creating a completely new (free) blog or web 2.0 site and populating it with your content. Among the content you can place various links to your website or whatever other place on the internet you like.

You can start at:,,,

Blog Comments

Getting links from blog comments is a lot easier than the above practices, but the links are less valuable as well, so it’s always a give-and-take situation.

Almost every blog on the internet lets you submit comments along with a link pointing back to your site. The only thing you have to do is find an interesting post, leave a comment and enjoy your new link. The only drawback is that the links are usually “nofollow.”


Forums are great for link building but you have to be careful not to get banned. Forum communities are quite sensitive about users trying to promote anything, so we wouldn’t advise placing links inside your posts. Instead, do it inside your signature.

The signature is displayed below every post you make. This makes it perfect for link building.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking works exactly the same as it does on your own computer, only your bookmarks are kept online and visible to the whole world.

The value here is that you can bookmark your own site, which creates live links that Google sees. This is probably the easiest way to build backlinks, but the least valuable at the same time.

You can start at

What other common ways of link building do you know? Feel free to share.