Have you ever wondered why most newspapers

keep their articles in columns without

having huge blocks of texts much like books?


Maybe there’s a reason why? Well, I can tell

you: It’s because it allows people to easily

read the text without them being overloaded.


If you think about it, we’re transitioning

into a society which predominantly reads

text messages that are rarely longer than

140 characters. It doesn’t mean that all

media is going to shift into this short-form

but it’s something to remember when writing

your blog posts.


Here’s a few reasons why it may be a good

reason to use “bumper-sticker speech”.


1. People don’t have time anymore

People simply don’t have time to dig through

a long post – they’re always on the go and

we all know that there’s usually only a few

tid-bits of information that are truly important

within a post. Keep it short and sweet; and

to the point.


2. You can get to the point (immediately)

People shy away from talking on the phone

because they know they’re going to get

caught up in a really long-winded discussion

with their friends. For this reason, people

send texts to one another; it’s a passive

message which lets the end-user decided when

to absorb the information (on their own time).


3. It’s becoming engrained in the culture

The cell phone has been around for quite some

time now and with it came text messaging. Instant

messaging has long since been a way to contact

others online and rarely people will write long

message because it’s such an instant format. For

this reason; people are used to texting as a major

form of communication, it’s been engrained into

our society.


4. The same message; half the text

I had a debate with an English major about

the “destruction of language” which I think

I had a great argument: it doesn’t matter

how many words you use as long as you can

get your point across. It’s the same message

with half the text – think about it.


5. The one-liners are uber effective

If I were to say “I have a dream”, you’d

immediately think about MLK’s speech; but you

probably couldn’t receite the entire thing.

The single line of the speech instantly quells

all kinds of emotion and  memories of when

you first heard it. One liners can be a very

effective way to spread your message without

making a person commit to an entire story.


Conclusion: It’s appropriate to “dumb” it down

People would argue that we, as a society, are starting

to “dumb” down our language but I completely disagree.


Language evolves with the times just as it always has;

if it didn’t, we’d be stuck talking to one another like

some Shakespearian play.


We’re all in a rush and it’s annoying to be overloaded

with just sooo much information. Keeping everything short

and sweet lets us make a punchy impact.


Language isn’t dying; we’re not becoming idiots. We

just want a little less fluff.


The take-away is that by conforming your message

To the short choice in dialogue we’ve seemed to have

adopted you will have an easier time delivering

your message. With it should come an increase

in affiliate conversions.


What do you think about keeping everything around 140

characters or less?