Marketing online (including affiliate marketing) is a profession consisting of many different skills. Regardless of the approach for promoting different products and services you choose you need to learn a thing or two about such matters as: domains, copywriting, content creation, and many more.

Each of them has its place among the things that create your success. Now the interesting part; the skill of stating a precise and direct call to action is one of the most important ones to master.

What a Call to Action Is

The most basic definition would be that it’s a direct message telling the visitors of your website what to do next. As simple as this.

For example, a message like: “please leave a comment under this post” is a call to action.

Why Calls to Action are so Important

Whatever you’re promoting online, and whatever marketing method you’re using there’s a point at which you have to say clearly what a visitor should do next.

There’s no point in driving traffic to your website – and possibly even paying for it – if you don’t say, in a clear and understandable way, what it is you want people to do.

This works just like it does in the real life. If you’re at a cafe, for example, and you want to get a cappuccino then you don’t stand still looking at the cashier and waiting for them to figure it out. You say directly “one cappuccino, please.”

In many cases the web is just like the real world. Your visitors have no possibility of looking into your mind and figuring out what you want them to do until you state it clearly in your copy.

Using a good call to action is what can make or break your online campaign – it’s that important.

As a matter of fact, split testing just your calls to action (without changing the rest of your sales copy) can lead to huge improvements in conversions.

How to Craft a Call to Action

Start with the goal of your current promotion. Here are some possibilities:

Email newsletter opt-ins.

For such promotions the best calls to action usually are:

  • Input your name and email and click “Submit.”
  • Leave your email and I will send you my free report right away.
  • Leave your name and email and get instant access to my {PRODUCT-NAME}.

Direct product sales.

There’s one particular phrase that works exceptionally well when you want to sell any product imaginable. Use a button labeled as: “Add to Cart.”

Software / e-book downloads.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to you, but the best call to action is simply: “Click Here to Download.”

This advice might sound obvious, but you’d be amazed how many marketers launch their products without spending a fair amount of time on crafting a proper call to action. Then they can only wonder why the campaign doesn’t get the response they’ve hoped for…

Calls to Action in WordPress

Depending on the structure of your site and the theme you’re using there are many different solutions you can choose.

The simplest one, however, is to have a graphical button created (with a good call to action on it), include it in your content, and then link it to your conversion page (like an affiliate link, for example).

(You can also use simple text links with the call to action set as the anchor text.)

As always, you can use plugins. For example, if you want to display a nice call to action box below your posts then you can get Call to Action Plugin. It’s very easy to use and can be customized to match your requirements.

Do you follow any specific approach when creating your calls to action?