How old is your website and its content?
When was the last time you looked at pieces you created more than a few months ago?
Do you even remember what you had been promoting last year?

I recently went back and restarted an Affiliate Marketing project I had left on hiatus or more than two years because I had lost interest.

The site still brought in commissions from time to time but nowhere near as it was during its heyday.

My first thought was just that the traffic was half of what it used to be so that must be the reasoning behind the lack of commissions but once I began digging deeper into the site I realized something far worsemany affiliate links were either pointing to dead products/services, copy/creative was no longer relevant, or, worse, the domains were bought up by squatters and pointing to something completely irrelevant.

I would bet you, right now, that there are many old affiliate links and promotions that are no leading to dead ends on your website and all of this is because you are too focused on pushing new content rather than doing audits for older ones.

I’m not pointing any fingers and I’m not putting you to blame because it’s very easy to forget about all those old links when you are constantly moving forward.

This is what we need to do right now:

1. Load up your preferred analytics tracking platform and run a report that will show you the most popular destination pages. Copy these headlines and URL’s to a new spreadsheet for later use.

2. Use your judgement and select those posts you personally love and cherish (which may not have been ones which gained a lot of traction and attention). Add these to the spreadsheet.

3. Take a look at the analytics from within the affiliate programs/networks to report on which of the promotions still remain profitable and those that have begun to show a lack of interest. Begin searching for new, profitable promotions that are relevant to those that fall into this lackluster category. Add these affiliate links to your spreadsheet.

4. Go back to the most popular pages, first, and begin updating content with new images, modern techniques (and information), and, of course, links to the appropriate affiliate promotions that will replace the ones that no longer convert. Also take this time to use your archives to find keywords for posts that have been added since the original publications so you may add inter-links to the work (and vice versa in the newer posts).

5. Do the same for those posts you personally enjoy and cherish (in an attempt to breathe new interest since it may have been a matter of great information at the wrong time).

6. Start a small campaign promoting these great works of content across your social channels; invest in small advertising and promotions to build new awareness to these updated pages.

7. Track and test the reception of these updated pages. Examine the analytics and check the conversions of these new promotions. Push those that have shown positive ROI and redo the above for those that aren’t being well-received. Rinse and repeat (on a regular schedule – perhaps every 3-6 months).

Yes, this is going to take some time to go back through to update a lot of the older content but there are so many great benefits to be had:

  • You now have modern affiliate promotions that have a real chance to sell
  • You can improve your interlinking
  • You could turn older posts into evergreen pieces
  • You have the chance to remove any lackluster content that no longer needs to be found

Don’t think you need to do this all at once. I would say to apply that 80/20 rule. Once you get the major pages updated you could set a bit of time throughout the week to do those minor updates to others.

The content may be too old to see a positive return but there is a change it could see a resurgence in commissions because it’s finally providing value again for a modern audience. It’s a flip of a coin and ultimately it’s a win because you’ll either make more money or you’ll reinforce the value of the content.

Make a plan, update that content, find new promotions, and do it now.


Image by aKs_phOtOs