When it comes time to start making money online you have a lot of choice, but the two most successful and preferred ways are to start running affiliate ad campaigns or creating your own web site. The differences between the two are far and wide, and both can end up generating millions of dollars in revenue and profit.

In this post we are going to cover the differences between the two, along with the pros and cons of each. Whether you are a newbie or veteran marketer, this breakdown should help you decide which direction you want to move into.

Running Affiliate Offers

The concept behind running affiliate ad campaigns is simple. First you would sign up to any of the major affiliate networks, select offers that you would like to promote, then build ad campaigns to provide quality leads to the advertisers. The difference between the cost and the commission you receive from the advertiser is your profit.

Creating Your Own Web Site

The opposite side of creating ad campaigns and sending leads to an outside advertiser is building a site of your own, which can generate revenue through multiple sources. Before building a web site, you will need to decide on what the purpose of your site is, focus on content creation, how to monetize the site and decide on the platform and design that is right for you.

Now that we covered the simplistic differences between the two, let’s put them against each other and see who wins your preference.

Traffic Sources

Affiliate Campaigns: As mentioned, when you create ad campaigns you are going to be buying nearly all of your traffic. The majority of marketers are buying their traffic through search engines, social networks, media buying and mobile applications. Since advertisers are paying for their traffic, they can target and sort who they want to advertise to by demographic, which results in higher quality traffic.

Web Site: Depending on the web site you want to create, you may or may not need to pay for online advertising and traffic. There are plenty of web sites concepts out there that offer a service, rank well in the search results or get a nice amount of viral and social media traffic for free.

The difference between creating a web site and ad campaign to promote offers is that you are trying to get people to your site for something they are interested in, then monetize them in the process, as with ad campaigns you are paying for traffic to get them to specifically buy something or sign up for an offer.

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