It’s December 25th which means the Mayan’s prediction for the end of the world hasn’t come true.

Wait … that’s not the big news. There’s something important today, what was it again?

Oh yes, it’s Christmas Day.

Though Christmas is by no means the only holiday that falls on the 25th of December, you certainly can’t escape knowing about it because your social feeds are more than likely blasted with updates by now.

Christmas morning is generally reserved for opening presents whereas the afternoon is for play and relaxation. Most brick-and-mortar businesses have closed up shop and it’ll be difficult to get in touch with online customer service (let alone having your product shipped on this day). In short, the Web is eerily quiet today because of the festivities.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to go into complete blackout mode today. In fact, you may find that today presents on of the most lucrative chances at increasing your affiliate income especially if you get a full day’s worth of work in ahead of your competitors.

Christmas Day Marketing Strategies

What could you be doing to increase sales on one of the least active days of the year?

  • Last Minute Promotions – Consider running a deep discount, at the last moments of the day, for your products or services since many individuals will be receiving money as presents during Christmas day. If you don’t offer products or services, contact the owners of the offers you promote to suggest doing a steep discount on this holiday and then run the gauntlet of promotions.
  • Be Thankful for Something – Use the holiday to share your joy and thanks; write a personal post talking about what you’ve learned throughout the year, products that have helped you achieve success, and some of your plans post-holiday. People will be in a sappy mood because of the holiday which means they probably don’t want to dig into in-depth tutorials (but they still want information) so get something together to give them something to read on their day off. To one step further, share the community members you’re thankful for which not only helps to build a relationship with these people but the pingback to their sites will show that you’re linking over which may have them coming back with their own links of gratitude.
  • Prepare for the Post-Sales – If you didn’t run a campaign on Christmas day than use a few hours of your downtime to prepare for the following week. December 26th to 30th are some of the biggest shopping days because this is the time when retailers are dumping off the last of their products to make way for the new stuff during the New Year. You could make a field day with this preparation citing a “inventory closeout” deal for past product launches, use the up-coming New Year to promote your affiliate products to get people starting on a high-note, or simply use this time to gather up your resources and schedule out automated social media posts.

I’m sure you want to spend time with family and friends but there are always a few hours of downtime between these loved ones. Sure enough, you’ll probably become bored waiting for the next party to attend during Christmas so why not make the most of it and get a bit of work done, right?

Post-Christmas Marketing Strategies

What do you do after Christmas has come to a close?

  • Set New Goals for 2013 – Don’t wait for tomorrow what can be done today; spend the final week of 2012 setting new goals for your business and begin taking action toward achieving them. Want more traffic? Begin link building. Want to earn more? Contact your affiliate manager and negotiate better deals. People are going into “party mode” which means that the money they received as a bonus or as a gift, during Christmas, will most likely be saved or put together a few nights out (who can resist a New Year’s party, right?). Set your new goals and get them start so the New Year is better than the last.
  • Prepare for a Massive New Year Promotion – Everyone will have a set of New Year’s resolutions. You can leverage these common goals by matching it to your promotions. For example, losing weight is a very common resolution so why not try “10 Ways to Lose Weight and Grow your Business” as a piece of content? Play with the format for the various resolutions people make and tie them into your work; you’ll catch the buzz during the beginning of the year.
  • Collect Data and Begin Auditing the Website – The last week of the year can be a great time to do a few last minute tweaks to your website design, structure, and copywriting. Use your analytical information to determine the best pages on your website and the offers that have the greatest conversions. Go back through the archives and examine whether you can inject new offers or tweak the content to encourage greater click-through because you may not have touched these pages since their first publication during the year. These audits allow you to optimize your work so they perform at the best of their ability to obtain higher search rankings, better conversions, and greater community interaction. Try creating a blueprint for your business to usher in the New Year so you start strong based around what you discover during your audit.

Get In While You’re Ahead

Today may not be a day where you want to do much work but believe me: now is the time to get ahead of the competition.

Your competition will be off spending time away from the office but a good part of their community is still digging around the Web, checking for new, exciting things to do during their downtime because, after all, not everyone is celebrating Christmas today.

It’s at these moments where you can capture their attention and get them to join your community; their attention is scattered but your website can become the rallying point. Sales may not necessarily go up during Christmas but you can surely bet that gaining new visitors will increase those opportunities once everyone settles back down into work.

What are you doing today? Celebrating Christmas or working on your business? Share.