Club Med offers luxurious, all-inclusive getaways to some of the world’s most exotic and scenic places. Operating out of five continents, spread across 30 countries, and 80+ locations around the world.

Club Med is an exciting opportunity for affiliate marketers that seek to promote the good life.

Fine cuisine, travel, lodging, entertainment, and much more, Club Med delivers and you’ll be singing praise for this affiliate program.

Let’s give it a review.

Club Med: The Overview

Club Med is very active all around the world. Their products and services encompass anywhere from a relaxing game of golf to epic cruises and lodging in some of the most exotic locations on the globe.

Club Med has multiple websites and can be somewhat confusing when first landing on the main website but all roads lead to conversions and membership. Those seeking a vacation to Egypt – Club Med handles it. Those wanting to explore France – taken care of. Club Med has set up “villages” for their destinations which creates an all-inclusive environment for those vacationers seeking solitude from the outside world. You can read the 2013 Club Med brochure to get an understanding of what’s fully offered.

As an affiliate, you gain access to multiple tools, banners, promotions, and tracking; all of these offered through AffiliateFuture.

The Stats

  • Up to 7% commissions
  • Average sale: $2,700
  • Network: AffiliateFuture (for US/Can)

Unfortunately, we can only base the program upon our impression since the application process is selective and upon a smaller network but, according to AffiliateFuture and a press release by Club Med, we’re looking at an opportunity that can easily be had if you know how to handle this industry and promotions.

Outside of the program, customer service is top notch; Club Med has set a standard for dealing with customers and members that goes unprecedented in the industry.

Club Med: In Review

You’ve seen the potential; now let’s look at the good and the bad.

The Good

  • All-inclusive packages mean very high sales (and big commissions)
  • Club Med is a trusted, luxurious brand that caters to those in the higher income bracket
  • No shortage of promotional tools, offers, and availability

The Bad

  • Many packages are seasonal which means you may have dry periods
  • The website and booking is somewhat confusing compared to other travel sites
  • Being tied to a full package may stray the adventurous types away

The Bottom Line

The stats are in – how does Club Med fare?

Our Verdict: 3.5 out of 5

Club Med offers a cornucopia of unique, luxurious products for their customers; this should come as no surprise that your opportunity to score big is very possible considering the clientele and commission.

You may have trouble positioning yourself within the niche but it’s certainly possible if you’ve promoted travel and lodging offers in the past; this is one affiliate program you shouldn’t pass up especially if you’re seeking a higher-level of community members.