Some time ago, in 2012 to be specific, I wrote a post about the importance of building a mastermind group.

This group is formed to aid one another in all aspects of business. In a lot of ways it’s like creating a unified group of individuals that mentor and inspire one another to do great things.

A concept I had nearly forgotten about that closely resembles a mastermind group is what some like to call a “comment circle”.

This is a group that is formed with one simple goal in mind: to help one another increase user engagement through the act of commenting.

Why You Need This “Circle”

You see … when you can get a conversation going it’s likely that others will soon join.

The paradox is that not many people want to start a conversation because there isn’t one already started. They want to add to the conversation – they would start it but for some reason they hold back because they don’t want to “invest” time in to commenting if no one is likely to respond.

Having your “comment circle” generate the initial feedback, response, and discussion, on your blog, can kick start this engagement with your community.

Creating a “Comment Circle”

The process behind developing one of these “comment circles” is about the same as forming a mastermind group – except easier. It’s easier because it can stay open to anyone that would like to join.

When I started one of my main blogs years ago I made a routine which can be applied to this day though it’s worth mentioning that new apps and services have come along which would probably make it easier than what I’m about to suggest.

To get one going:

1. Make a list of about 10 – 20 bloggers from within your niche/industry (these don’t have to be big-name bloggers and, in fact, you should probably find those you’d consider to be on your “level” as in – starting off around the same time since these people will most likely have the same drive in growing their online presence.

2. Send an email to each of these bloggers talking about how you’d like to create a comment circle. Explain that the point is to help each other start discussions by commenting on others’ blog posts. It’s not mandatory but by working together they can help build up the comment count and every person participating should try their best to add to the conversation – in a meaningful way – and not just a quick comment for the sake of commenting.

3. Use some kind of team collaboration tool (at the time I was doing this I used a simple Google Docs spreadsheet where people can add their link and others can write if they commented). You could always just start a small email list that goes back and forth. Other ideas might be using a Google+ group or a private Facebook group (which would probably be the easiest to manage since while you’re on FB you could leave a comment on the FB shares).

Easy Action. Big Benefit.

I think if you were to start a small “comment circle” it would lead to great things for your online projects. Psychologically you will feel a drive to keep moving forward since the group can help you feel inspired and focused. When you start seeing new people commenting on comments it’ll really take off.

Give it a shot. Let it run for a week or two. Do you think it’s worth your time?